The Story behind Gibson's Pet Friendly Accommodation

We provide quality, affordable Pet Friendly Accommodation in Agnes Water, Qld. Our business is specifically tailored to the Pet loving family that do not want to leave their dog at home for their next holiday. We provide excellent customer service on all things booking wise, to how to make the most of your holiday in Agnes Water. Our priority is YOUR holiday!

Who are the people behind your business

Kieran Gibson, the founder of this idea and Business, and me, Claire McCollum, the one who makes sure it runs smoothly and interacts with the guests and evolves the business.

Tell us something quirky or memorable about you, your customers or your business

We love receiving pictures of our pet guests the most! We very rarely receive photos of humans, but the dogs at the beach, or zonked out on the floor back at the accommodation. I love how the dogs expressions are so real! There is no posing and you can really see just how happy they are to be on holiday with their owners! Lately we had some guests stay with us – and of course their border collies Coco & Dusty – we got the full rundown of their holiday in snapshots and the owner informed us that the dogs have their own insta account with 6,500 followers!!

One of the best pet friendly places we have stayed at. Immaculate when we arrived and we made sure it was immaculate when we left. Great that we could bring the dog. The place has a wonderful aspect with a great view through the trees to the beach. - Dave Boardman (Google review)

What is a thing you love about your business?

I love that there is a common interest already between the guest and our business – and that is the love of dogs. If it is hard to break the ice with a customer, we can just start asking them about their dog(s) and they start to open up and you can start to build rapport. I also love focusing on customer service – enabling our website to answer all the questions that potential guests may have and providing that support for guests that are unsure of booking just yet due to little questions they may have. Recently we installed a chat widget on our website and I am amazed at just how many people use it! Mostly for the customers that have a quick question but feel that it is not enough of a question to warrant filling out our customer contact form to email us. I have noticed great success and increase in bookings with providing that extra support through a chat button – being able to answer customers questions quickly, meaning they stay on our site and reduce the chance of shopping elsewhere.

What is the company background?

It started with it’s founder “Kieran Gibson” who realised there was a gap in the market with specialsed affordable clean pet friendly accommodation. We use the slogan “where you pet is just as welcome as you are” and we really mean it! We take everything from little cute fluffy dogs to great danes. Often people don’t travel with misbehaved pets, so we rarely need to worry about the pets causing damage or misbehaving. We’ve actually never had trouble with any dogs, just sometimes humans!

What is your ultimate vision for your business?

Our vision is to be regionally renowned for excellent quality and affordable pet friendly accommodation. Along with this, to provide our customers THE best experience in our region possible. We are constantly working on our blog posts and social media to ensure we provide valuable content for our customers and future guests so they are in the know with all the happenings in our little seaside town and the best activities, cafes, walks, beaches and so on!

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