Learn how to develop a content bank to be months ahead of content delivery

First published on June 28, 2022
Last updated on August 18, 2023
With a simple document and clearly laid out content bank, you will be able to build an effective plan of attack to create more content with purpose.

How to improve your quantity of content production?

One of the most frequent issues a business owner has to deal with when developing your social media content is a lack of time. Whether that is the time it takes to capture, edit, schedule or even think about what content you want to create! When your biggest weakness is a lack of time then the best plan is to build structure through a content management process. Creating a bank of content means that you will have a store of content ready to publish ahead of time.

What is a content bank?

A content bank is an affordable and relatively simple process of documenting your ideas to support content creation. It starts with the idea creation process based on your customer audiences rather than building content on the fly. A strong content bank should cover the below areas before moving into production:

  1. Content Theme – What broad category the content should exist in
    • Examples: Nature, Family fun, Nightlife
  2. Sub Content – A narrowed theme that sits under the category
    • Examples: Unique animal species (Nature), Surf lessons (Family fun), Cocktail creation (NIghtlife)
  3. Post type – What is the goal of this post for your audience
    • Emotion, education or community engagement
  4. What is it?
    • What is happening in this planned content? What is your idea?
  5. Digital Format
    • How will this be created: Photo or video

These fundamentals will allow you to get the foundations down. From here you can add any category that you believe is relevant to your business or that may just help build more process or clarity.

Categories that are recommended once you have created your final content piece are:

  1. File link/location – A link or file location name for where it is stored
  2. Text – What are you going to say about this?
  3. Serious text – A second text option if you are posting on LinkedIn which may require a different approach
  4. Hashtags – What hashtags you may apply
  5. Checklist of platforms – Be sure to check off which platforms the content was posted to

Making a content bank

There are many tools out there that can help you achieve this process. Depending on how aggressively you are building your content you may consider free but powerful tools such as Trello, Asana or Notion. Though if you are looking for the basics a simple excel or google sheet can provide you with the flexible structure to begin your content production. With a simple document and clearly laid out content bank, you will be able to build an effective plan of attack to create more content with purpose.


Following the steps outlined in Sam’s demonstration video above, use a Google/Excel Sheet (or use a similar planning tool) to plan at least four content ideas that you could use for social media posts in the future.

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