Group Coaching Call Summary – 22 June 2023

First published on June 22, 2023
Last updated on August 18, 2023

Group Support Calls are one of our Digital Academy Membership benefits.
During our calls, both Tourism Tribe and Navii (sister company servicing small businesses) are in attendance, so you may hear references to both brands.

A video summary and transcript of the 22 June Group Coaching Call which focused on Email Marketing, Online Reputation Management and Fast Track Program.

The group coaching call held today was specifically tailored to small businesses, providing them with valuable insights and strategies to enhance their online presence and marketing efforts. The session commenced with Sam delivering an update on the progress of the Fast Track group in video marketing. Emphasizing familiarity with platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Sam discussed techniques to create engaging filler content using templates. The objective was to empower small businesses to develop their own videos and boost their confidence in this medium. As part of the action plan, participants were encouraged to create four posts within the next two weeks, with at least one post being their own edit. The impact of these posts on digital foot traffic would be analyzed in the upcoming meeting, offering an opportunity to measure their online visibility and reach.

Following the discussion on video marketing, Molly highlighted the significance of online reputation management, particularly in relation to platforms like Google. She emphasized the importance of personalized and timely responses to both positive and negative reviews. Small businesses were encouraged to actively manage their online reputation by engaging with customers' feedback effectively. The session also delved into the realm of email marketing, focusing on the creation of lead magnets that provide value to potential clients and guide them through a meaningful user journey. Participants were advised on how to avoid dead ends in their content and effectively segment their customer database using surveys to better understand customer needs.

Overall, the group coaching call catered to the specific needs and challenges faced by small businesses. It equipped participants with actionable steps and instilled a sense of enthusiasm to implement the newfound knowledge in their own business operations. The next group coaching call is scheduled for July 11th, and participants were encouraged to diligently complete their assigned tasks before then. This ongoing support and guidance further underlined the commitment to the success of small tourism businesses in their digital marketing endeavours.

Automated video transcript

Molly Dobbins 0:12
Amazing. So today we are had in the main session a bit of a smaller room where we looked at online reputation, bit of email marketing as well. But we might start off with Sam and the Fast Track group who looked at in particular video marketing, because we had that workshop yesterday. So Sam, could you just give a brief overview about how you guys went today?

Sam Ward 0:35
Yeah, I think my group got some homework to do, which is exciting. And it’s it’s not the boring learn how to edit homework, it’s the start the post homework, which is, which is gonna be really exciting. So we can start collecting some data. I’ve got a fairly there quite a few people left. With more confidence, when especially the back end of our conversation, we started to look at ways to develop filler content through through templates, which I think anyone who uses tick tock Instagram will be will know about, but just actually how to source those and find those. So that was really exciting. And I think everyone is essentially ready to go, they’ve got a plan of what they’re going to attack if they’re if it’s doing the educational part, finalising some video, or up to the stage of attacking video, and how they’re going to start posting. So we’ve got a goal of four posts in the next two weeks, which isn’t a huge amount. I’ve given them the secret the secret sauce, which is the templates, which I think everyone’s pretty excited to use. But I forgot to add by only out of the four posts, one of them has to be your own edit. So you can use three templates if you want. Julius lost it, but I want to see one of your own edits. Use templates on the other ones. So yeah, I’m really excited to see this thing go and get some data. So next time we meet, we can actually analyse the digital foot traffic they created.

Molly Dobbins 2:06
Amazing. Well, I love how they’ve got homework to do. But it’s going to be exciting. Coming to the next group coaching cool to see how you all went. And congratulations as well, like you reached your final workshop there. But so you’ve done all three now it’s just putting it on to implementation your business and tracking how it’s going. So congratulations on getting to that milestone as to I think is important to acknowledge. It’s been wonderful to watch you all. So great job. Perfect St. Clair and ice cream today. As mentioned earlier, we covered a bit of online reputation. So talking about how to respond to Google reviews, but also making sure responding to other platforms as well in response to any reviews that have been left, whether positive or negative, it’s really important to have that personalization. And for you to reach out if there is an issue, you know, before it might be posted on the online, but to acknowledge and if they’ve addressed a particular part of the product or service that’s been delivered to acknowledge that and just yet really comes back to the personalization and acknowledgement and the timeliness of that replying back to that feedback. Claire market you just to add to that we did go into a bit of email marketing as well, if you don’t mind just shedding some light on where we went with that topic.

Claire McCollum 3:26
Yeah, sure. So we delved into, we had a look at Annabel’s lead magnet that she’s producing, which is just fantastic. So just remembering with our lead magnets, we’re always putting ourselves in our consumers shoes, or our users shoe throw potential clients shoes, what it is that they want to know what information is going to be of value to them. So remembering that we’re selling the destination first or the experience first, before we’re selling ourselves. So it’s most important that we’re providing the information that is on offer. You know, we’re not we’re not it’s not a salesy thing. It’s just always remembering that we’re what we’re providing to them is of value to them not to.

Claire McCollum 4:07
So Anna, Anna, and Annabelle has done a great job.

Claire McCollum 4:12
And also just how we can think about that user journey. So always, like I said, putting ourselves in our consumer shoes, and how does this look for them in terms of like this lead magnet? And what are what is the journey that we want them to take. So if there’s any opportunity that we can provide more information in that lead magnet that can lead them to a blog post on our website that we’ve written about, and then then looking at that blog post and making sure that user journey continues and that there’s no dead ends. So it’s a really great practice that everybody to always be looking at all of the content that we have on our site and making sure that there isn’t any dead ends. And then we also briefly touched on, Jane was asked doing about a survey. So asking more about like getting to know our customers more and making them feel like they’re heard with their pain points. But also, if we can create a survey, especially within Mailite, where we can think about our groups and like, how can we group these people from their answers into what type of people they are and what their needs are. So using a survey, and then using the results of that, how we can more specifically communicate to our database.

Molly Dobbins 5:33
Amazing. Thank you for that clever quick wrap up there. So that concludes our coaching call today. We thank you. Well, I’d like to say thank you, Claire, and Sam for coming along today and delivering our group coaching call session. But thank you all again for making the time to come along and it’s always great to delve into various topics with you all. Next group coaching call is on the 11th of July at 12pm which is a Tuesday, so make sure you register in advance for them. But until then, make sure you’re doing your homework and we can’t wait to see you next group coaching call. Thanks, everyone. Thanks, guys.

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