Group Support Call Summary – 11 November 2022

First published on November 9, 2022
Last updated on August 18, 2023

Group Support Calls are one of our Digital Academy Membership benefits.
During our calls, both Tourism Tribe and Navii (sister company servicing small businesses) are in attendance, so you may hear references to both brands.

A video summary and transcript of the 11th November Group Coaching Call which focused on Email Marketing, Marketing & Distribution Strategies.

Automated video transcript

Fabienne Wintle 0:03
So we’re just going to do a quick summary of what was achieved in today’s session. So who would like to start first? SP? Would you like to start? I’m gonna pass it on to Sam.

Sam Ward 0:15
All right, that’s fine. So we started with just going through a basic digital marketing strategy of the structure and what you’re really trying to identify from a lead product point of view through to the market, that you’re trying to identify the message you’re trying to send out to that market and how you align that, to the media cited. So when where, how often you have to contact these people to make the strategy work. And the big piece at the end of what the machine is, how does it actually operate? How do you do this over the time of that strategy, which really led us into the conversation. And once we got through that, about what, obviously, we’ve got the machine, which is how we convert things once they’ve landed on our on our website at digital asset. But before that, we went down the rabbit hole of social media marketing and ran the content side of it. And destiny was quite heavy on talking about being consistent and trying to make sure that, particularly when you’re early on, that you’re building alignment with partnerships and understanding that can’t just kind of you could go out there and try things, but having a partnership and someone to lean on and so on within our within our team today was talked about a partnership that they just generated with the with an older, more, I guess, experienced company and the benefits of that. And some of the things that have come along with that as well. So that was essentially the whole conversation. And we ended quite heavy with another person, David, who I think will mind sharing about the success he’s having with going live and show it demonstrating his products from a live perspective and showing them how they work. Because he’s working with tools. It’s very cool.

Fabienne Wintle 1:59
Thank you now, room, I was within all who? Don’t think, Oh, guys, that’s what she might have left. All right. Well, I was alone, I was just myself in my room with three awesome small businesses. And my room was all about email marketing. So we first talked about one person in our room who had a very big email database list over 10 12,000 people who’s currently on MailChimp, and they’re looking at different systems that might be more suitable. So we went on to talking about the change from email marketing, just doing a normal email campaign to email marketing automation systems that are really business system automation and perceiving your database as not something that just allows you to email people, but also show some ads to them. So the connection with Facebook ads, or if someone doesn’t take an action that you want them to take, whether it’s clicking a link in an email, or visiting a page on a website, or clicking on a Facebook ad, these business system, automation platforms or marketing automation platforms allow you to do that. So I was explaining that changing from MailChimp also requires you to change your perspective of this is just something to send newsletter, as I’m changing to assist them in our business that becomes the heartbeat of our business that gives us visibility about the needs and wants of our customers. We also talked about how it can be quite overwhelming to go, oh my goodness, I have to configure all this. So just focus on one thing. Being close to Christmas, now’s a good good time to do first right of refusal offers. So if you have an email list, whether you are using Active Campaign, which is kind of the bells and whistles or MailChimp, there will be something that allows you to see who your best customers or your best leads on your email list. So in MailChimp, you’ll see the little star rating. So why not if you haven’t done a newsletter in a long time, just focus on your people, your best leads that have lots of MailChimp stocks, and send them a first right of refusal offer before Christmas. And if you’ve wished to experiment and experiment with email marketing automation, as opposed to just sending them one campaign, you could set up an automation that sends them an email and then if they don’t take the action you want, send them another little nudge with another email or text message or Facebook ad or anything like this. So exposing you understanding to email marketing automation is definitely a skill that you should be focused on, let’s say for your 2023 target. But don’t get scared and don’t phrase and do not not send any newsletter because you feel that you’ll never be out Just scratch. Like if that was the case, we would have never sent our first newsletter, you just set yourself some small targets, do it, review what’s happened and review your open rates and and take the next step and join some good Facebook groups about email marketing automation as well. And I’ve got those links and the email marketing automation course. So that was very email heavy, but I think everyone got something out of it and we were all at different levels. Great. Well, I will let you all go. Thank you very much for joining us. We will see you hopefully in a fortnight if the topics are relevant to you. And don’t forget, you can ask any question you wish on our courses at the bottom there is an ask a question. There is the support groups as well and depending on your membership level, which you will see once you log in into tourism tribe and NaVi, you will see whether or not you have access to premium support or the hotline which is our top level one on one a synchronous So you send us an email or your call the phone number and our coach will come back to you with our recommendations. So make use of all this. We love seeing comments and questions. And we’ll see you in a fortnight. Great. Thanks team. Thank you everyone. Bye.

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