The History of the Tourism e kit

First published on June 16, 2015
Last updated on May 23, 2023
Do you wonder where the Tourism e kit originated and how it ended up on Tourism Tribe? This article should answer all your questions!

How has the Tourism e kit come to live on Tourism Tribe?

The Tourism e kit is an excellent resource that was developed by the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW). Following a strategic review of the ATDW and a return to core business, it was decided by the ATDW Board to transfer responsibility for all non-core projects to third party industry experts.
The ATDW Board considered a wide range of options with regard to the handing off or licensing of the e kit to a third party. In all cases it was acknowledged that commercialisation would be required to maintain and further develop the product and ensure its financial sustainability into the future.

When Digital Coaching International (DCI) applied for the e kit licence the Board agreed that DCI was qualified and best placed to take the tourism e kit to the next level. Those involved in DCI (including Liz Ward with 20 years management experience in e tourism strategy and former CEO of the ATDW, Fabienne Wintle, widely regarded as Australia’s best small business digital coach and primary consultant on the e kit and Wendy Smith) have all worked extensively on developing the e kit resource whilst it was under ATDW’s umbrella.

In the past this resource was freely available, why should subscribers now pay for the Tourism e kit?

In order to maintain the high standard of the Tourism e kit, which the industry enjoys, it needs to be regularly updated and enhanced with new tutorials, information and support services. The costs of updating the e kit bi-annually have previously been funded by State Tourism Organisations and subsidised by ATDW Pty Ltd. ATDW Pty Ltd has historically operated on a revenue basis of government funding and revenue from sale of services to industry.

DCI has already invested heavily in the e kit and its new industry support platform,, leading up to the launch on 1 July. To ensure the e kit is financially sustainable subscribers will pay a nominal fee.

What enhancements can we expect from the Tourism e kit?

Already the e kit topics have been restructured and simplified, all tutorials reviewed and an e tourism self assessment tool has been integrated.

The Tourism e kit will be enhanced significantly through support services on Online chat, critical email updates and themed forums, which are moderated by e tourism experts, will provide subscribers with enhanced knowledge, motivation and confidence to implement learnings they can gain from the e kit.

Subscribers will be part of a community so they can find experts in their region and identify with and communicate with similar tourism operators anywhere on the globe.

Through advanced analytics of industry’s digital capabilities and use of the e kit tutorials and services, the Tourism e kit and Tourism Tribe will be continually enhanced in line with industry needs.

Tourism Tribe will proactively provide subscribers with regular hints and user-friendly advice aligned with current needs and industry issues.

Subscribers will be able to purchase mentoring sessions with an Accredited Trainer to enhance their learning, assist with implementation or break through any technology issues they are experiencing.

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