The Story behind Aquascene Magnetic Island

At Aquascene we provide unique tour experiences exploring Magnetic Island’s 23 bays, beaches and stunning coastline. We combine snorkelling, exploring, wildlife interaction whilst sharing stories and history about our beautiful Island home. Our passionate connection with the island began as teenagers growing up here over 35 years ago, and we have many stories and special places to share. We connect our guests with the island, we take them on a journey…..”where every bay has a story to tell”.

Who are the people behind your business

Steph & Adam Hinks, (& our 4 children / tour guides in training), own and operate Aquascene. Magnetic Island has been our Island home for over 35 years, we love where we live and sharing the stories.

Tell us something quirky or memorable about you, your customers or your business

I think because Aquascene is a family business, we make “real” connections with our guests very quickly. There are so many stories I can think about that make me smile. Putting Lycra stinger/UV suits on is what we call “a bonding experience” on Aquascene and it always brings many laughs amongst our guests. One story that comes to mind is when we had a group of lovely guests on board during the Christmas holidays. We had one particular guest that had put his arm in the leg hole and the leg in the arm hole and ended up in an interesting predicament! Need I say more, so much fun was had by all.

MAGIC! "Wow! Steph & Adam run such a professional and friendly experience. We had a fantastic time...sightings of dugongs, a giant turtle, amazing fish and birds. It was the perfect way to experience the island. Steph & Adam were such thoughtful hosts, it was like being hosted by family or friends".

What is a thing you love about your business?

There is no greater feeling than to wake up and be so lucky to live in such a special place with so many things to be grateful for. Aquascene allows us to make differences in peoples lives in so many ways. We love seeing people connect with this island, enjoying the simple things that make them happy. I see so many of our guests become transformed during our tours, Magnetic Island casts her magic on them and they fall in love with this place, and we get to meet so many people and do what we love

What is the company background?

We have a long history with Magnetic Island, we grew up here and met as teens, the Island was our playground to explore. Our career paths were probably etched from these early influences of living in such a beautiful place. Adam, a skipper since he was 18, began a career on the water. Steph, a background in Graphic Design and tourism and now micro manager of our 4 children! Many places we have worked, different boats and experiences but we decided that this was where we wanted to raise a family. The story of Aquascene began 14 years ago and was born out of doing what we love, sharing our home.

What is your ultimate vision for your business?

At Aquascene, we want to make a difference, through our stories, to create amazing memories for our guests and to raise awareness on how we can all be role models to look after our beautiful world.

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