The Story behind 1770 Liquid Adventures

We are down to earth and real and that’s what we offer: small scale, personal kayaking experiences. From our kayaks, we show you the best this area has to offer, including curious dolphins, pelicans and sometimes turtles. Watch one of 1770’s famous ocean sunsets from your kayak and enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility of being out on the water.

Who are the people behind your business

1770 Liquid Adventures is a small kayaking business in Queensland, run by myself (Janina) and my husband Simon. And our dog Bailey ? We both love the ocean, its creatures and any kind of watersports.

Tell us something quirky or memorable about you, your customers or your business

We are always on the lookout for wildlife on our tours… one time we had an eagle ray fly out of the water and land in the lap of a girl in one of our kayaks! She was screaming because she didn’t know what had just happened, the poor eagle ray wiggled back into the water and the rest of the group burst out laughing. We thought that would never happen again and two weeks later almost the same thing happened again. Hasn’t been a weekly occurrence since though.

A fantastic sunset tour. Simon and Janina are both extremely passionate about what they do and this shines through throughout the tour. Sunset tour was full of historical and geographical facts about the area and is one of the most relaxing touristy things I did whilst in Oz. If you haven't fallen in love with this magical part of the world before, you will be sure to have after this. I can 100% recommend this, you will not be disappointed :)

What is a thing you love about your business?

What I love most about my job is that I deal only with happy people on a daily basis. People that are on holidays, people that want to be here and have fun. No everyday stressed out, errand running people …  Coming in at a very, very close second has to be the beautiful area I get to spend my days in. Who else can swim in their office and watch dolphins regularly?!

What is the company background?

After working for the previous business owners a tour guides, we quickly decided to jump at the opportunity to buy the business when it was up for sale. We have since worked hard to build and improve it. First we changed the logo and made it our own. From there, we improved it step by step. On the digital side as well as on the practical side and most importantly, we built up a good reputation with reviews and word of mouth. We introduced a family friendly tour which quickly proved to be a hit, and a eco mangrove tour which also has it’s niche of interested people.

What is your ultimate vision for your business?

I hope that we can inspire people to live a bit simpler. Put away that phone and look at nature, be active. You don’t need much to enjoy a good day.

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