The Story behind Sea Lake Tyrrell Tours

We will begin the tour at the Sea Lake Tourist information centre 121 best streetSea Lake. Where you will be greeted by myself, Here we will fit you with gumboots if you would like to rent so you can freely walk out onto the lake with out ruining your own shoes From here I will guide the tour out to our secret viewing location at Lake Tyrrell. I will give our group presentation on some stories about evolution of the lake and some local history

Who are the people behind your business

As the sole operator of my business it is primarily just me! On occasion I have a local volunteer who assists with following along behind tour groups at times when needed to ensure that no customer gets left behind or accidentally gets lost – at the lake or en route to the lake. As the business grows over time I do plan to bring others in to facilitate the expansion of services on offer, however,

Tell us something quirky or memorable about you, your customers or your business

Capturing the night sky If you have never seen a clear starry sky from a place devoid of light pollution then you don’t know what you are missing With the naked eye alone from a dark site at Lake Tyrrell you will see thousands of stars.meteors, the zodiacal light.air glow satellites,the Milky Way.

The view is stunning beautiful and we enjoyed the beauty of nature so much.thanks to Julie,s kind guidance and we take lots of impressive photos.Highly recommend the red rainboots it adds amazing color to your photos. Rong Han

What is a thing you love about your business?

My favourite thing is seeing the enjoyment that my customers get out of the tours and from getting to experience something totally new, unique and magnificent. The enthusiasm is really contagious and even on the endless early mornings and late nights –seeing the look on people’s face and hearing the the noises of excitement when the sunsets or rises everyday is a different day .

What is the company background?

Sea Lake Tyrrell Tours was established from the demand of international interest in Lake . My buissness began and grew though WeChat and local social media. Relationships were built and expanded upon provided direction and viability to my endeavour in this burgeoning new industry for our region. My first customers arrived whilst painting the office and installing promotional banners. They came direct from Hong Kong after winning a photographic competition with the prize a ticket to anywhere in the world. There choice was lake Tyrrell. So they arrived at a small country town looking for the tour guide

What is your ultimate vision for your business?

A further development lay in the setting up tours for the Silo Art Trail – ideally with a minibus or van so we can chauffeur customers along that trail in between their sunrise and sunset tours at Lake Tyrrell. Currently, many of our customers lack car transportation and are unable to facilitate this by themselves. The feedback from customers so far that I have sent along the trail is overwhelmingly positive .working with members of local indigenous community regarding the development of a tour of the indigenous cultural atLake Tyrrell and traveling through our region .

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