The Story behind Murray Offroad Adventures

Murray Offroad Adventures , based in Mildura, provides opportunities to explore remote outback areas of North West Victoria. Delivering access to unique locations, we offer personalised tours in the comfort of an all-terrain 4WD bus. Discover the regions rich history and explore a land of contrast, where wetlands meet dunes and semi-arid plains, linked by Australia’s longest river, the Murray. Smell eucalyptus smoke of a campfire while relaxing and a river sandbar. Travel through ancient redgum forests, along sandy tracks in Mallee scrub, or open salt lake plains. Be awed by vast horizons. Quietly watch kangaroos bounding, emus strutting and many gorgeous birds chattering. Experience a wild and beautiful country, rich in history, only fully appreciated with guides who know its secrets.

Who are the people behind your business

Murray Offroad Adventures is operated by a husband and wife team, Peter and Jeanie Kelly. Operating for two years and proudly receiving awards. 2018 – Gold – Regional Awards – Destination Riverina Murray 2018 – Finalist – RACV Victorian Tourism Awards 2019 – Gold – Regional Awards – Destination Country and Outback and Destination Riverina Murray 2019 Finalist – RACV Victorian Tourism Awards.

Tell us something quirky or memorable about you, your customers or your business

A young American couple booked one of our tours out to Murray-Sunset National Park joining three Australians, an Irishman, sounding like your classic joke. The young lady’s dream from childhood was to see kangaroos in the wild. Well, animals are not always reliable, but on that day the Kangaroos excelled. We must have seen at least 300 kangaroos of all types – They were watching us with twitching ears or bounding freely over the open plains. Deliriously excited is an understatement! She even brought a yellow onesie kangaroo suit for her friend to wear! We stopped for photos and videos of yellow onesied kangaroo hopping down sandy tracks, sneaking up on real kangaroos, hopping on pink crusty salt lake. A first for us and a first for him! So much laughter. So many photos, so many jokes!

“This tour was straight out of a movie! If you ever want to experience Australia and all the different terrains and animals I highly recommend these awesome guides. They taught us along the way and it simply brought the land to life. Knowing history and science behind what you see adds layers of appreciation. Even having breakfast and lunch in the outback was such an experience. Its chill enjoyable and lively. For me it was unforgettable!” - Antonio USA “Absolutely exceptional hospitality and ecological commentary to accompany the outstanding landscape and wild life attractions.” - Glen NZ

What is a thing you love about your business?

We love working in an amazing outdoor office, which is constantly changing with the seasons. We love meeting people from Australia and around the world and learning about other places and cultures. We love sharing our passion and knowledge of the bush. We especially love taking kids out and sparking enthusiasm in nature. Special moments like finding frogs, sitting quietly as a lizard rests in the shade of your legs, watching a nearby goanna, walking on a crunchy salt lake, excitedly following wonky tracks of a kangaroo or the faces of two teen ages reliving the moment as a kangaroo bounded over the bow of their canoe as they quietly glided down a narrow creek. These memories and moments are priceless. We just want to encourage everyone to appreciate and explore our wonderful country!

What is the company background?

Peter Kelly, born and raised in the Victorian Mallee, has worked in various Environmental & Agricultural professions for over 30 years. These experiences have culminated in a passion, deep knowledge and understanding of this Murray Mallee region – all leading to our present business concept. Jeanie’s teaching background, organisational skills and culinary skills makes for a strong partnership. Both love the special landscape in this region. Peter loves sharing the stories of people, both indigenous and non-indigenous, old river characters, farming life, shearing days and pioneers. The love of all these things is the essence of the experience they want to create and share. They want to get people out in the bush. They want to get them excited about the landscapes and the wildlife.

What is your ultimate vision for your business?

We would love our guests to remember Mildura as a great place to visit and tell their friends. We encourage our guests to enjoy the experience and the sheer pleasure of being in the bush and exploring its wonders and enjoying the little things, like discovering animal footprints, then to take home and share great memories of a great experience. Discovering the best of Outback Australia at an affordable price without leaving Victoria and supporting our local area. We want to inspire them to appreciate and explore their outdoor environments where ever they live in a low impact caring manor.

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