The Mornington Peninsula FOUND Magazine

FOUND Magazine is the Mornington Peninsula’s key piece of printed promotional collateral, created to capture the interest, inform and inspire our holiday homeowners and residents to explore, taste the flavours, stay or simply get festive on the Mornington Peninsula. In a larger format than a standard Official Visitor Guide and printed on premium stock, this luxurious publication has been designed for easy reading and to be kept for future reference. The overall brand messaging for Mornington Peninsula is an ‘Invitation’ for our visitors and locals alike to come and ‘Find Your Way’. FOUND curates a collection of products, activities and experiences that readers can easily access and find their way to; delivered in a stylish, candid and authentic way.

Who are the people behind your business

The key people behind the business that is the Mornington Peninsula are our industry. The makers, creators and experience providers – our local identities that are the fabric of the tourism industry in our region.

Tell us something quirky or memorable about you, your customers or your business

“FOUND brings together the diverse tourism product offering (of our industry partners) matched with local points of interest and nature-based value adds under one inspirational execution, we will enable our visitors to find a vibrant, effortlessly stylish destination that offers a genuine, fun experience.”

When we were working on the concept for this magazine, we wanted it to celebrate the wonderful place we call home and inspire visitors and locals to 'find your way' to the perfect Mornington Peninsula experience.

What is a thing you love about your business?

The entire premise of FOUND is to inform visitors and locals alike about the variety and quality of experiences that can be found on the Mornington Peninsula. To encourage them to find their way to these experiences and to disperse around our region visiting more places than they previously have. The true success of this campaign is extending the yield and dispersal to places the visitors find their way to…. seeing the growth in our industry partners and their popularity. Their success is what demonstrates the effectiveness of the content delivered in the magazine.

What is the company background?

FOUND magazine was developed off the back of solid research into our target market needs. The majority of our visitors see themselves as Mornington Peninsula Locals and believe they already know everything they need to about the region – they think they know all of the places to go and things to do. Discovering that they most likely will not read conventional tourism publications, we came to the conclusion that traditional marketing collateral such as the Official Visitor Guide were no longer connecting with them. We needed to develop a means of sharing information in a way that would encourage them to explore beyond what they believe they know. The first edition was launched in July 2018 – designed and developed by Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism.

What is your ultimate vision for your business?

The overarching goal for FOUND was to deliver a redesigned regional publication that leveraged digital and living content to encourage visitation to Mornington Peninsula Industry Partner businesses along with exploration of natural landscapes. By edition 20 it would be heartening to know that each business promoted within the magazine was still part of the greater tourism industry and the region continued to thrive in a sustainable and profitable manner.
Mornington Peninsula FOUND Magazine

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