The Story behind Foodie Trails

Most great memories are associated with an experience, be it enjoying food around a table with your friends and family or a complete stranger. It might have been the time you got your hair braided on a holiday or when you went on your gap year and ate your way through Asia. When we encounter something different from our immediate world it can be exciting, it can be terrifying and it can be eye-opening. It can also simply be a great afternoon meeting new people and learning about a different culture. Foodie Trails is a Melbourne based food experience provider. We take you on a journey through Melbourne’s amazing diversity and share anicdotes , punctuated with food from all the differerent cultures that make up this beautiful city.

Who are the people behind your business

Himanshi Munshaw Luhar – I am the Director of Foodie Trails and Beacon Holidays and I am passionate about creating memories and food experiences for my clients. Under the banner of Foodie Trails, I lead a team of local foodies and cultural enthusiasts who passionately share their stories and cultures on our walking food tours and cooking classes.

Tell us something quirky or memorable about you, your customers or your business

So much delicious food. Love the history behind where the food comes from I didn’t know chillies were not Indian Coffee originates from Africa Just some of the many expressions our guest share with us every day. An all-time favourite story on the tours is about dumplings. Originating in a village in China, dumpling were created by a man using scraps of parsty dough and mincemeat. The secret ingredient was the herbs to help cure frostbite, and there begins the story of why dumplings are shaped like an ear.

I recently did the Melbourne Foodie Culture tour and it was great!! So much amazing food, discovering cool little hidden spots in Melbs I wouldn't otherwise have known about, and a fascinating look into how Melbourne became what it is today!! Highly recommended

What is a thing you love about your business?

Sharing our stories and culture with our guests, meeting new people and eating our way through Melbourne is always a great reason to have a great day! We get to showcase the #foodieheroes who share their culture through their food and arts and bring a little of their home country to Australia

What is the company background?

Foodie Trails food tours began as a marketing activity to introduce Melbournians to Indian culture with an objective to entice them to travel overseas using our travel services. Guests began asking to bring a friend along to our food tours for a fee and we quickly realised that there is something here that Melbournians want. This was the beginning of Foodie Trails. It has rapidly expanded to include cooking classes and cultural food festivals

What is your ultimate vision for your business?

Our Vision Celebrating the cultures and differences that make up the world. Our Mission Bringing people together through stories, experiences and food to celebrate diversity.

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