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Case Study: Lonsdale Palms

The client brief was to rebuild the website, empowering the operator to easily edit and manage content, ensuring a seamless user experience for both returning and potential customers. The new website has enabled the client to maintain control over her online presence, with improved functionality, analytics, and search engine optimisation.

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Case Study: Savannah Guides

The client brief was to enhance the website’s functionality, streamline member management, and integrate advanced tools for better user experience and sales processes. The updated website now offers a user-friendly platform for managing members and customers, integrating CRM tools, and facilitating seamless product sales and membership renewals.

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Case Study: Shizuka Ryokan

The client brief was to capitalise on an opportunity to appear in the Destination Marketing Organisation’s newsletter by capturing leads from the increased traffic to her website. The lead magnet campaign was highly successful, generating 864 leads, and the client is now planning to update her website to enhance functionality and user experience.

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