Our Facebook training sessions produced some great questions!

First published on February 25, 2016
Last updated on May 23, 2023
In this post we share the questions raised in our Online Training Session on Facebook.

Our Facebook online training session produced some great questions!

This morning,  one of the Tribes experts Despina presented the third Facebook online training session.  45 members have undertaken this Facebook training so far.

Below are some of the great questions from the participants.
Q – Video is really important in increasing customer reach, how long should the video I create go for?
A – Facebook is heavily promoting video usage and using video will increase your reach, so wherever possible add video to your content. The videos can be short, as little as 15 seconds and the maximum is about 45 minutes. We recommend 3 minutes  and it doesn’t have to be professional, just authentic, remember you can use your Smartphone.

Q – How do I encourage my guests to promote my FB page?
A – You can simply ask them, remember if you don’t  ask you don’t get! You can include it in your email confirmations, or in your rooms or maybe a sticker on the window of your tour bus.

Q – I haven’t been able to set up Reviews on our FB page. Any tips?
A – This is likely to be in the set up of the categories in Facebook, we suggest that you play around with these categories.

Q – Who are best practice operators or social influencers for our industry that we should follow to get some tips and good content to share?
A –  Ahhh…sometimes, we just get it right, we consider that Tourism Australia get it right almost all the time.They manage to share content of interest perfectly.

Q – What is the best day of the week / time of day to post various types of content?
A – That depends on your audience, use your Facebook insights to see what time of day works best for your followers, try and post most days and don’t forget to use the scheduler to be active daily.

Q – How often should a business post to its Facebook page?
A – Try and post daily, if you can, use the Facebook mobile app to make it easier and more flexible

Q – What is the ideal ratio of ‘about us’ to ‘about others/destination’ posts?
A – The old 80/20 rule applies, 80% good citizen and 20 % about my business and even less a commercial  offer

Q – Why do seemingly similar posts (i.e. same type of content, posted at the same time of day) have such vastly different reach (e.g. 13 vs. 2,500)?
A – The magic of Facebook algorithms, it’s a bit like a game of chess, our advice if it works repeat it if it doesn’t try something different.

Q – How can we maximise the ‘reach’ of our posts?
A- By encouraging engagement, sharing engaging and relevant content, responding to posts, likes and shares,working the room!

Q – Any creative tips on how we can encourage interaction with our Facebook followers, so that the content is not just one-sided?
A – I’ve found this challenging,  lots of followers are merely watching and reading posts, but eventually they become more confident and start replying. I’ve also seen this on LinkedIn.

Q – I’m working with a small business at the moment who are not on FB yet (nervous about administration). They have an event coming up which I’m keen to promote via FB. Do you suggest setting up a business page specifically for the event, then deleting it possibly post event?/
A – We recommend that your firstly create a business page and then create an event page, linked to the business page otherwise you won’t have all the functionality you’ll need. As Social Media is all about engagement and relationship building it would makes sense to take this approach.  Here is a good example  of an event page, that builds its audience year on year.

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