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Tourism operators throughout Australia will benefit from a new digital training program designed to increase their uptake of new technologies widely used in the marketplace.

Tourism operators throughout Australia will benefit from a new digital training program designed to increase their uptake of new technologies widely used in the marketplace.

The 65+ module program is geared to support, train and raise the online exposure of tourism businesses that have lagged behind other industries in adopting new technologies.

Research shows only 40 per cent of tourism businesses optimise their websites for search capability and only one in two tourism websites are mobile friendly.

Tourism Tribe co-founder Liz Ward said the launch of the new online training resource would provide an accessible pathway for tourism operators to gain greater access to industry specific learning on the digital economy and how they can play their part in it.

The research is quite alarming and we need to close the gap, Ms Ward said.

Tourism is a vital part of Australia’s economy and operators are missing out on business opportunities and growth simply because they have not kept up with IT advancements.

Our program is practical and delivered in easy to follow step by step tutorials, backed up by one-on-one chat and coaching services with some of the industry’s foremost experts in the field.

Tourism Tribe builds on the Tourism e kit, a popular program of e-business tutorials developed by the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) several years ago to help operators grow their online presence.

Tourism e kit developer and now Tourism Tribe Chief Information Officer Fabienne Wintle is excited by the prospect of building on her early work to bring it into line with current trends.

“The timing of the launch of Tourism Tribe could not be better,” Ms Wintle said.

“Most tourism operators know they are missing opportunities to use new technologies but are simply overwhelmed by the number of options available to them and where to start.

“Tourism Tribe will provide the ongoing learning and support to deliver at-scale solutions for product and destinations and should ultimately return to the industry in a multitude of ways.”

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