The future of customer service and the role innovation can play

First published on October 31, 2016
Last updated on May 23, 2023
Struggling to see how innovation can help your tourism business? In this blog post Ali Uren from Kiikstart explains how.

Innovation can be about product and service offering, but more importantly it is about the style and manner in which the tourist interacts with staff and the environment the business takes place.

Let’s take a 5 star B and B Accommodation provider in a premier wine growing region in SA.

This provider makes sure that it provides a unique offering to guests that will encourage positive word of mouth and increase visitation.

What are some of the steps this accommodation provider takes to be innovative?

The Operator lets the guest know via email of any relevant events or experiences that will be happening in the region during their stay. They know what to promote as they asked about interests at the time of making the booking – right away a handmade experience is already occurring.

On arrival guests are greeted by a platter of local produce that is provided by smaller, more up and coming artisans. A story is provided telling the guest more about each producer and artisan.

This particular Accommodation provider gives the guest choice to have a meal delivered in the evening.

This menu showcases seasonal product and uses ingredients that are unique to the region and not readily available. This leads to a sense of exclusivity –once again the story is told to create a connection with the guest.
With greater choice in regional producers the Operator makes sure guests are aware of some of the more entrepreneurial happenings across arts, food and beverage.

This Operator promotes it via featuring art within the premises, internal communications (a welcome book) and providing taster experiences which can be purchased by guests throughout their stay.
Each taster experience has a different theme but is based on unique offerings from up and coming regional Entrepreneurs. Nothing is massed produced and the Operator is able to generate additional revenue through commissionable product.

The second example of innovation at work is a Tour Operator in South Australia’s mid north.

While this project is a work in progress initial ideas and initiatives that are looking at currently being put into place include:

Developing a series of themed, walking trails such as:

  • History of the Region and local legends
  • Native Flora
  • Native Fauna
  • Photographic Opportunities

Depending on the theme of each tour, these will occur at various times of the day – this will allow guests greater choice and to have the best possible experience.
To build on the tourist experience the Tour Operator is currently looking at incorporating the following:
Working with local wine and cider producers – including food producers to create themed events.

  • Utilising local legends to provide a level of knowledge and insights not available elsewhere.
  • Proving walking trials specifically based on unique photo opportunities – at specific times of the day.



Ali Uren - Tourism Tribe expert
Ali Uren – Tourism Tribe expert

Kiikstart focuses on the successful and creative execution of ideas into the market and when not living off grid Pewsey Vale, Barossa Valley commits its headspace to building better business through staff and place. This includes being part of the Tourism Tribe Expert community. If you want to get in touch please pay a visit to our profile on the expert page – we would love to chat.


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