Group Support Call Summary – 27 October 2022

First published on October 27, 2022
Last updated on August 18, 2023

Group Support Calls are one of our Digital Academy Membership benefits.
During our calls, both Tourism Tribe and Navii (sister company servicing small businesses) are in attendance, so you may hear references to both brands.

A video summary and transcript of the 27th October Group Coaching Call which focused on Facebook, Imagery and Video.

Automated video transcript

Despina Karatzias 0:00
It felt like it felt like a five minute conversation. And we filled up all of our time talking all things, Facebook, all things being strategic with our time, and with our resources of our cash when it comes to advertising on Facebook. So we talked about the importance of having get your house in order and have a good consistent organic strategy first, and look at your insights, get intel on what’s working already with your Facebook. And we had some great examples of videos that are rocking. And then keeping an eye on that and potentially experimenting with doing some video ads, but without not also being respectful of the journey of where your customers at. So going cold to go straight by now to cold audiences that are just at the awareness get to know you stage is not going to have the best success of return and the importance of nurturing and telling. Rather than just selling. We also talked about privacy, of course, getting your admin roles in place and making sure you are well aware who owns your pages, and who are admins on your pages. And making sure that anyone that is an admin on your Facebook page that they have two factor authentication setup, because even if it’s not you, if you know, I’ve got my stuff together, a lot of poo emojis can happen to your business, if you’re anyone that’s an admin on your page doesn’t have to factor and things can go down pretty bad. And we touched on at the end there just on smart collaborations, if your community does not have a Facebook group for local traders, or local businesses take the lead and be that be that guy or gal. So to create that opportunity for them. And there was lots more, but I’ll leave it at that. But thank you to my group. That was That was great. Thanks, Bobby. Thanks, everyone.

Fabienne Wintle 2:04
Awesome. And how about an M,

Hannah Conroy 2:15
So we had some really great chats in our group about video editing, filming videos, photography, and using photography of photos on your website. And so we’re talking about so many things, but we talked about a few different tools that you might use for video editing. So if you’ve got the capacity and the skills to use something really complicated, like Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere or something great, but otherwise, things like iMovie for Mac, Mac users Canva or there’s a great online editor, which has frequent cap cut. And those kinds of tools can really do the job for you if, if you’re looking to do some DIY video editing, we also talked about outsourcing, to, to video, video editors and photo editors on Fiverr and Upwork. And those kinds of websites. But being very clear about the instructions that you’re providing to, to these people who are doing the work for you so that you’re you’re gonna get the results that you want. And we talked about some video ideas. So if you’re in the service industry, maybe getting some customer testimonials, and how you can use tools like video, ask and what was the other one vocal videos are great tools to you know, submit a link for someone to film a video and they get it back to you. And just having that conversation to let them know why it’s so important that they do is for you. And doing demonstrations and getting the noise. The background noise reduced on that using some simple tools and doing training videos and trying to keep them short so that you’re keeping people’s attention and vetting videos rather than sending someone to YouTube to watch a video so keeping the video on your website so that you don’t end up on YouTube and go down a rabbit hole of whatever Yeah, we talked about heaps but that’s, that’s a that’s a little summary there.

Fabienne Wintle 4:22
Do that again on YouTube. It sounds like it was really worthwhile. So I’ve also put some links there and I’m going to put a few more I don’t know if you’ve had the chance to do that in your sessions. But what you said this be reminded me especially with people getting great interaction with their video reminded me of our Facebook ads course with using a video to create a custom audience is the perfect way to move people from cold to warm. So I’m going to just put the links there for you. Hopefully they will come. Okay, yeah, that should give you all the links. And yeah, definitely if you’ve got a If you’ve got great Facebook videos running, that is really your first stage to get these ads set up and avoid going to people that are cold images, our imagery courses got great ideas and information on how to resize your images for the webs that people are stuck with that and how to actually backup your images and the questions to ask to your photographer to get the source images and not be left in the lurch with a tiny image that you’re trying to put on the Billboard in the future. Thanks, everyone, for joining us today. Anything else we wanted to add the part for? Hopefully it was really useful to you. Please check to us your feedback. We’d love to take some screen grabs and entice other people to come. But it seems that there was a perfect small group today to get everyone to make the most out of it. Thanks for organising your life injury. Appreciate it. Very welcome. stuff today. Fantastic. For everyone, go and have some lunch.

Hannah Conroy 6:14
Thanks, everyone. Thanks.

Fabienne Wintle 6:16
Bye See you next time. Thank you


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