From Bizkeeper to Digital Champions

First published on June 20, 2024
Last updated on June 20, 2024
Ever so popular Digital Bizkeeper 101 and 202 courses now rebranded Digital Champions 101 and 202!

Introducing Digital Champions: The natural evolution of our signature Bizkeeper courses

As the digital landscape continues to shape the future of tourism our signature courses at Tourism Tribe, written especially for tourism operators, are also continuing to evolve and change with the times: our popular Bizkeeper 101 and Bizkeeper 202 courses have been rebranded as Digital Champions 101 and Digital Champions 202. This change reflects our ongoing commitment to empowering tourism operators to excel in a digital world.

Why the rebrand?

Originally created during the unprecedented shutdowns of COVID-19, the Bizkeeper series was designed to help tourism businesses swiftly pivot online, ensuring they could thrive despite the closures and restrictions. Founders Liz and Fab created these courses as a direct response to the urgent need for digital upskilling in the tourism sector. While the essence and content of these courses remain as vital as ever, the name ‘Bizkeeper’ resonates with a period defined by crisis management. Today, as we move forward in a new era where digital integration is not just a survival strategy but a standard practice, it’s time for our learners to evolve from keepers to champions.

What’s new with Digital Champions?

Digital Champions 101 and 202 cater to all tourism operators seeking to enhance their digital skills—from newcomers needing to build a robust online presence to seasoned marketers aiming to refine their strategies. These courses cover essential topics such as website optimisation, social media marketing, online presence, email marketing automation, and much more. Each course is structured around practical, actionable content designed to make a measurable impact on your business.

Inclusive learning with live support

Both Digital Champions 101 and 202 are now integral parts of our Digital Academy‘s comprehensive course library. Membership in our academy not only grants tourism operators with access to these updated courses but also includes participation in group coaching calls and access to a tourism expert hotline to keep your progress smooth and continuous.

Programs for regional tourism organisations

Recognising the collective impact of digital excellence, we continue to offer Digital Champions 101 and Digital Champions 202 as tailored programs for regional tourism organisations. These programs, including 6 live webinars, are designed to run through the course material effectively and are complemented by one-on-one coaching and a digital presence assessment to tailor the learning experience and recommendations to each business’ specific needs, facilitating a community-wide uplift in digital capabilities. By participating as a group, members can share insights, challenge each other, and grow together under the guidance of Tourism Tribe’s expert facilitators.

Find Out More

For detailed information about what each course offers, visit our course pages for Digital Champions 101 and Digital Champions 202. If you would like more information about what is included in the Digital Academy visit our membership page. For more information about running this or other programs through Tourism Tribe, you’ll find more information on our industry training and mentoring page.

Become a Digital Champion with Tourism Tribe and redefine what success looks like in tourism today.

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