5 ways to engage visitors with Snapchat

Here are five creative ways of how tourism companies and organisations can leverage Snapchat to engage their visitors as well as strength their brand.
First published on September 21, 2016
Last updated on December 20, 2019

]If you clicked into this blog, you may have realised the importance of Snapchat or already used it as a part of your own marketing strategy. You are definitely on the right track! But can you use Snapchat successfully to reach your target audiences or strengthen your brand? Have you figured out what are some best practices to achieve your marketing goals? Here are 5 ways to help you engage your visitors.

Be Creative and Fun

Get visitors excited to visit your destination or use your tourism products by sending Snaps during times of peak interest: the beach at sunset, or the fireworks at a special event. You may also post exclusive videos and contents on Snapchat with animations, music and sound effects to attract more fans.

Happy couple in love on beach summer vacations. Joyful Asian girl piggybacking on young Caucasian boyfriend playing and having fun in sunny tropical destination for travel holiday.
Happy couple in love on beach summer vacations. Joyful Asian girl piggybacking on young Caucasian boyfriend playing and having fun in sunny tropical destination for travel holiday.

Create valuable tutorials

Snapchat can also be a good platform for telling something you want to deliver as knowledge through your tourism products. It is important to interact visitors from day one. For example, Australia Zoo may recorded their seal show at the moment when a seal teaches audiences to through rubbish to the dustbin. In this way, viewers can have the in-pocket knowledge before their visit.  

Reward visitors with incentives

Ask your visitors to send snaps using your tourism products and thank them for engagement with coupons or discounts. For example, Tropical Fruit World may set an exhibition of, for example, 12 kinds of avocado for Snapchat photo shooting and offer free tasting for those sharing stories on Snapchat.

Engaging them with Geofilters and Sponsored Lens

Do some research on which geofilters are the most required by visitors. Accordingly, create unique geofilters for a specific location or event. Also text your geofilters among a focused group before put them into use.

Give them a sight of behind the scenes of your tourism business.

For example, iPanda always post fun videos of their keepers playing with naughty pandas. It is a good way to keep attracting your loyal visitors after their trip.

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