Change of enrolment (during a program)

Prior to filling out this change of enrolment request please read: 

What details can you change yourself (that do not require you to submit this form)

On your My account area, you will be able to change/update at any time, at no cost:

  • First name, Last name, Business name
  • Password (email address requires a change of enrolment)
  • Digital Engagement Health Check ™ urls and note to our assessors 
Note that all the above may not be reflected in your program components if those are already underway. If you need an immediate change you need to fill out the change of enrolment form and we will get back to you as it may incur a fee.
The new details will only be taken into consideration for the next iteration of your program component (e.g. subsequent Digital Engagement Health Check ™,  subsequent coaching etc). Should these need to be immediately updated, it requires a change of enrolment.

If you still need to request a change, please fill out the below form. 
Upon submitting your form, it will be sent to the program client and to our team to review. 

A change of enrolment requires extensive, time-consuming and intricate changes to participant and destination profiles in our systems. Therefore, please be aware that a change of enrolment may incur a fee.  
If this is the case, your program coordinator will contact you to discuss prior to actioning your request.

What defines a change of enrolment

  • Change of email address of the participant
  • Change of program participant (e.g. staff member has left the business)
  • Re-subscribing a participant that unsubscribed or marked our emails as spam.
  • Change of asset urls for the Digital Engagement Health Check ™ (DHEC ™) once it has been initiated (which happens immediately when the participant is onboarded.
    Note: If the participant wants to update their asset URLs for us to consider in their subsequent Digital Engagement Health Check, they can do so by themselves from their Account detail area of their ‘My Account’ area. Note that these details will only be taken into consideration for their subsequent Digital Engagement Health Check ™ if it has not yet been initiated. Doing so after it has been initiated will be considered a change of enrolment.
  • Requesting the DHEC ™ to be completed at a different time
  • Requesting the coaching to be brought forward or completed post-coaching timeframes.

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