Quick Win Webinar – Smart tools


  • What are the day to day tools you must use to speed up your workflow?
  • How to use ChatGPT for tech support (instead of just content)
  • What tech skills should your staff have?

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Complementing training session

Training Session - Smart tools

In this training session we learnt how to use Google My Maps to create an itinerary suggestion for your guests, how to embed it on your website and how to create a QR code and flyer to display it at reception. 

Discover how to optimise your business operations with our comprehensive Quick win webinar on harnessing digital smart tools for business efficiency. This session begins by underscoring the importance of cloud storage to ensure seamless business continuity and enhanced efficiency. Participants will learn to set up robust email and calendar systems using Google Workspace or Office 365, boosting productivity with integrated digital calendars, and the convenience of scheduling with Calendly. The webinar then goes over practical tools for everyday business tasks. Attendees will explore Google Docs’ voice typing for efficient document creation, clipboard managers like Paste App and Ditto for tracking copied items, and ColorZilla for managing brand colors. Gain insights into the benefits of Google My Maps for creating interactive maps and learn to manage image sizes for web optimisation using Chrome extensions like Image Size Info. The webinar also covers advanced tools and techniques to streamline workflows. Learn to use Loom for screen recording and Scribe for automatic documentation creation, both effective methods for training and process documentation. The session concludes with discussions on using Facebook Messenger for customer engagement, showcasing ChatGPT-4 for interactive queries, and emphasising secure password management with tools like 1Password and LastPass. Equip yourself with a comprehensive toolkit to enhance your business operations through smart technology integration.

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