Quick Win Webinar – Must have Canva skills


  • What’s new in Canva: Latest features you want to know about
  • Essential canva skills: What you need to know to speed up your efficiency and content creation
  • Trends for 2024: what content is eye catching?
  • How to repurpose content: Time-saving techniques to maximise your impact

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Complementing training session

Unlock the power of Canva

Learn how to use Canva and the Canva Magic and AI functionalities.

The webinar focused on enhancing skills in using Canva for business purposes, emphasising the importance of creating engaging content and leveraging Canva’s features to streamline design processes. The presenters, Julia and Liz, aimed to equip participants with the knowledge to utilise Canva effectively, covering trending content, missed opportunities, and design basics. They introduced Canva’s capabilities in creating digital and print materials, highlighting its cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, and professional output. The session also touched on the significance of incorporating brand elements and collaborating through Canva to support brand messaging. Participants were introduced to various Canva tools and features, including background remover, magic eraser, and content repurposing, to enhance their marketing materials. The webinar emphasised the value of using templates, understanding file types, and organising designs for easy access. Additionally, it covered advanced image editing techniques and the use of AI for content creation, aiming to improve efficiency and creativity in design tasks. The session encouraged exploring Canva’s learning resources and staying updated on new features to maximise the platform’s potential. The webinar concluded with plans for a follow-up training session to apply the discussed concepts in real business contexts. This session aims to provide a hands-on experience in using Canva for creating and editing videos, developing flyers, and repurposing content across different marketing channels. The presenters encouraged feedback and suggestions for additional topics, highlighting their commitment to supporting participants in leveraging Canva to enhance their business marketing efforts.

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