Make Instagram work for your business is a comprehensive course that aims to support you as a small business owner by focusing on the most relevant and beneficial elements of the Instagram social media platform to grow your tourism business.



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3 hours

+ exercises and implementation

with support

Course certificate
upon completion

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All levels level
By the end of the course, you will be able to develop an effective social media plan that aligns, simplifies and complements your business’s overall digital marketing strategy. Developing a content plan will also be explored so that Instagram is leveraged to market and reach the right people, increase conversions and grow your brand and community on one of the world’s most popular platforms for travel, tourism and destination inspiration. You will also learn the latest features, tactics and platform features to increase engagement and convert your community of Instagram followers to guests and visitors.

Course topics

  • Importance of Instagram for your business
  • Navigating the Instagram app
  • Overview of social media platforms
  • Social media plan and 5C strategy framework
  • Instagram fundamentals and strategy quiz
  • Building your brand image
  • Creating engaging content
  • Understanding Instagram’s algorithm
  • Stories, Highlights, and Reels
  • Boosting engagement and reach
  • Tools and outsourcing for Instagram
  • Key metrics and Instagram checklist
  • Instagram tactics quiz
  • Instagram action plan

Course outline


Will I get instant access?

Yes, you’ll automatically be sent the link to the course upon payment via credit card and you’ll be able to start learning and implementing your learnings right away

Are there any videos in the course?

Our courses are a mix of video and text – depending on each lesson. 


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