Disaster Recovery – Interview of Tourism Marketing Experts

Video interview series with leading Australian tourism marketing experts on how regions and operators can put their best foot forward smartly and quickly to recover from the latest natural disasters.

Hannah Statham - Marketing & Storytelling Expert

CEO Media Mortar

Liz interviews Hannah to find out how to activate the number of regional and national campaigns such as the Holiday Here This Year and how to bring it through their marketing plans. 

Learn what you should be doing if you are ready and if you are not yet ready to accept visitors again in your business.

Browwyn White - Seniors Market Expert

DIrector, New Young Consulting

Liz Ward talks to Bronwyn White and gains insights about what tourism businesses can do to recover faster from natural disasters, with a focus on how to leverage the Seniors Market. 

Amber Rodgers - President

Discovery Coast Tourism and Commerce

Agnes Water & 1770 are coastal tourism destinations whose tourism economy was badly affected by floods in 2017 and bushfires in 2018. 

Fabienne Wintle interviews DCTC president Amber Rodgers to find out what has been done by her region to help communicate to visitors during and post the floods and bushfires. 

A must have!


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