Group Support Calls​

Twice monthly, Digital Academy members enjoy the security and support of the Tourism Tribe team with the very popular support calls. These sessions are:

  • available to Digital Academy members with Liferaft or Rapid Response memberships
  • designed to help tourism businesses work through their digital issues in a group format.
  • extremely popular as people find that a small group environment is not only cost-effective but allows them to get their questions answered and receive support from one another.
  • are group sessions run twice a month at specific times – they aren’t recorded but a summary video is available post session.
  • You must register to attend a session. You will receive an invitation with a link to add to your calendar.

Watch the key takeouts of each of our group call

Use the playlist menu on the top right of the below YouTube video to navigate between sessions.


  • Be on time as we ‘close’ the door 5 min past the start time so please be on time else you won’t be let in.
  • Download Zoom and read instructions on how to join a meeting on Zoom.

Book your next group support call

Click on the call in the calendar list below – you will be taken to the registration page. Double check the time and topic and check-out. You will receive a confirmation with a link to add to your digital calendar.

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