Do you focus on the needs of your guests when creating content?

First published on July 31, 2017
Last updated on May 23, 2023
When creating content for any of your digital assets, be it your Website, Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube etc you should target your content to who your guests are and what interests them.

When creating content for any of your digital assets, be it your Website, Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube etc you should target your content to who your guests are and what interests them.Your focus should not be on the product or service you offer but the needs of your guests. For example, does your business target families? if so this is an example of their profile.

Family profile

They travel with children or relatives, they may be visiting extended family or attending a special function, for example a wedding or special birthday. It could be a short break or extended holiday but the average length of stay is 4-5 nights.

They’re are looking for a particular type of accommodation that suits their needs. Their needs are likely to be slightly different than a couple or business traveller.

They need larger rooms with a kitchenette, accommodation to suit larger groups with facilities such as a sofa bed or interconnecting rooms. They might require an extra bed or baby cot or extra blankets and towels.

On site they’ll be looking for activities such as a pool, lawned area, sandpit or cubby house to occupy the little ones. They may even appreciate recommendations of fun places to visit provided in the room.

All this information can probably be found in a regular online listing under “facilities” but it doesn’t scream “I’m perfect, book me, I meet your specific needs”

So your “blogs” should be written to engage these guests by matching their needs, telling the story of how your business perfectly matches them.

Below is an example, it’s a made up business but you’ll get the idea.

MacIntosh Motor Inn perfectly suited for the family getaway!

“At the “Tosh” as it’s known by the locals, we’ve got the best “snittys” and kids meals west of Dubbo. Our family friendly restaurant is the perfect escape when your tired of cooking. Not that you will get tired of our fully appointed kitchens. Our rooms are designed for families, they’re roomy, comfortable and flexible. We can accommodate almost any family type!

We know that you’ll only enjoy your break if we’ve got the kiddies covered! So,we’ve got lots to keep them occupied, including  a special outdoor eating area by the pool, where we don’t mind if they don’t “dry off” before downing a pizza! We’ve also got comfy chairs to enable you to watch them whilst you relax.

Don’t forget to pack your active wear as we’ve got plenty of activities nearby, including a BMX track (bikes for hire), canoeing (we’ve got that covered too!) golfing and rock climbing facilities nearby will keep everyone busy.

If you’ve still got energy after all that we can provide in house, accredited babysitting services so you can enjoy a romantic dinner at many of the local eateries.

Oh and our family rooms include few luxuries for the adults, including extra large bathrooms and pamper packs.

We’ve got everyone at the “Tosh” covered and don’t forget if your family has special needs or your celebrating something just let us know, we’d love to be part of the surprise.

You can book online here (insert hyperlink to booking page) or call us on 02 (insert number here).”

Don’t forget to add images that reinforce your story, showcase guests like them, be diverse in your image choice, so your potential  guests can identify “that’s me having a great time”

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