Do you want to improve your digital presence but feel overwhelmed by all information out there?

Join our 30 day challenge and make daily improvements to your digital marketing skills and knowledge!

Join the 30 Day Tourism Business Reboot

30 days of digital marketing training for tourism businesses

The 30 Day Tourism Reboot is a set of daily challenges delivered directly into your inbox over 30 consecutive days created to help you make incremental change in your tourism business!

We are going to provide practical advice and information on the topics that we know best: digital marketing and smart business management.

What kind of topics will we cover?

How it works

FAQ's and Pricing​

How hard is the challenge?
We’ve tried to make all of the topics accessible to any tourism operator who is willing to have a go! That said, all of the advice provided assumes that participants have basic digital literacy and access to all their relevant accounts such as your website and social media.

How much does it cost?
$99 AUD to have the PDF checklist and daily emails delivered to your inbox.

Do I need to complete every task? 
Not if you don’t want to. We’re making this challenge available for anyone who wants to make incremental changes in their business’ online presence and grow their digital marketing skills. If you find that a particular topic doesn’t align with your business goals then of course you can skip it!

Can I just get all the topics at once?
We’ve decided to space them out over 30 days intentionally to limit the chance that we’ll overwhelm participants. If you’re given a big to-do list you’re less likely to engage with the topics than if you see them drip through over the course of a month.

Small victories lead to big rewards!

Do you accept the challenge?

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