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Did you know one of the most frequently asked questions on the Tourism Tribe chat is “I think this might be a stupid question but…..” to us at the Tribe no question is ever stupid if you need the answer and the chances are if you need to know the answer many of our members will also benefit. In this post we’ll explain how the forums work and how members can benefit.

Tourism Tribe - Ask a questionHow do I get my questions answered in the Tribe?

We have several options;

Tourism Tribe chat

We are going to focus on posting questions in the forums.

What prevents members from posting in the forums?

The most common barrier is the fear of what other people might think. I can assure you I, so far, I have never spoken too or chatted online to any member of the Tribe that doesn’t share the “community” philosophy. That all of us are trying to keep pace with changing technology and consumer behaviour, nobody knows everything and together we can share, grow and learn.

What can I post in a forum?

You can post anything tourism or digitally related that you need the answer too. The forum posts are monitored and edited if necessary. The more detailed the question the more likely you are to receive a valuable answer.

Where should I post the question?

Currently, we have three forums for general members, the creche and general discussion and the vent box. We recommend you use the most popular forum general discussion. The forth forum is for experts.

What happens to my post?

You question is emailed to all members and also to our expert team (currently 29) for a response. It is also “tagged” by admin so that it appears in the appropriate learning hub, for example “China Hub“. It also appears in our weekly newsletter which goes out on an Tuesday afternoon, to members and non-members (only members get to see the replies). If you are not seeing our newsletter please check your spam or promotions tab. If you still can’t find it please email

Replies are then emailed right back to you and other members can choose to follow the thread or ignore it.

How does this help everyone?

Firstly, you get your question answered. Secondly, other members also learn form your question and the resultant answer.

The Tribe is building relevant content that is readily available in the Hubs for members. An example of how this works can be found in the Online Bookings Hub, not only can you read all the resources but benefit from the experiences of other members. What they liked about particular booking system and what works for them. We call this “peer to peer” learning.

Why is this type of learning so important to Tribe members?

We know how it works, you’re all very busy. You attend training sessions and get very excited and for a while you implement what you’ve learned. Then you slip back into old habits. But we know, that you know, how important it is to stay up with digital marketing because that is where your customers are.

So the forums are a quick, simple and effective way to solve your immediate problem and learn incrementally. You’ll help the Tribe community learn and our industry all benefits.

So next time when you’re on the site and tempted to ask a question, go on, be brave, everybody wins!

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