Social media is now a way of life for travellers and consumers worldwide and a mandatory element of any tourism business’s marketing strategy.  Social media channels like Facebook and Instagram play an important role, when used effectively, to build awareness and customer loyalty for tourism operators.

 52% of travellers were so influenced by social media they changed their travel plans!

According to the latest Sensis Social Media Report 79% of internet users have a social media account, 35% check social media more than five times per day and 10% use social media to research holiday and travel offers.  Social media has the most effect for marketing of tourism businesses in the early stages of a traveller’s purchase cycle, when the majority of consumers have not yet decided on where they want to travel or what type of holiday they will take.  According to Sprout Social 52% of travellers were so influenced by social media they changed their travel plans.

A planned approach is best

Tourism businesses need to take a planned approach to social media, just as they would do to successfully market the experiences and services they offer through their own website, online marketing or distribution channels.  They need to be active and have a professional business presence in the most relevant channels that their target market uses and this nearly always includes Facebook and Instagram.  Success in social media for tourism comes from providing quality, relevant content that engages their audience, stimulating likes, comments and shares and being consistent in posting and responding.

In Queensland, Australia, the State tourism organisation, Tourism and Events Queensland is leading the way in the industry through the Best of Queensland Experiences program and encouraging operators to achieve a quality standard in their social media presence.  Tourism Tribe can help Queensland businesses to achieve this standard and be part of the Best of Queensland program.

Social media resources in the Tourism Tribe online community

Tourism Tribe has a wealth of resources to help Tourism businesses leverage social media. These resources include tutorials, presentations, webinars and support forums.

1. Access to Tourism industry specific learning hubs

Tourism Tribe members can access a wealth of self learning resources like the Social media for Tourism,  Facebook for Tourism and Instagram for Tourism learning hubs and helpful support forums.

Social Media Learning Hub

In this central repository you’ll find all the information you need to improve your usage of Social Media in your tourism business

Instagram Learning Hub

In this central repository you’ll find all the information you need to improve your usage of Instagram in your tourism business

Facebook Learning Hub

In this central repository you’ll find all the information you need to improve your usage of Facebook in your tourism business

2. Access to Tourism industry specific support forums

Tourism Tribe’s support forums give Tourism and Travel businesses the chance to ask questions about anything travel related in a safe, moderated online environment.

Their questions are promptly answered by other operators and vetted Tourism Tribe experts. Tourism Tribe’s support forums are very popular.

The discussions are categorised by the Tourism Tribe crew and appear in the relevant hubs.

3. Social Media coaching for your Tourism Business

You can also engage a Tourism Tribe expert to deliver customised coaching and a social media strategy for you and your team.

The program will be tailored to your business and your budget.  Speak to Wendy on the online chat or email for more information.

Highly recommended

What Leah said about the Digital Leap program and the Tourism Tribe
“I recently joined Tourism Tribe. My initial reason was to have an independent professional assess the “health and effectiveness” of my electronic media presence.

The audit was performed quickly and was thorough and helpful. A few things I was able to attend to quickly and without assistance.

This audit was followed by a 1.5hr 1 on 1 with Fabienne. Wow this session was fabulous. Specifically tailored to meet my needs. We worked through each area for improvement as noted in the audit. This learning was also targeted to meet my specific capabilities in each area. I finished up with a to do list pages long and feeling like I had already achieved an enormous amount in 1.5 hours.

I highly recommend this process and support that in saying I learned more in this 1.5 hours than I have in multiple other industry coaching sessions.

Thanks Guys!”

@Leah Sloane
Leah Sloane - Berry Springs Tavern

I would recommended Fiona

What Howard said about the  Fiona Allan, Tourism Tribe expert

“You’ve made good sense to me today and I recommend you to others who are labouring over these little extras they can add to their Facebook Page. You were easy to listen to”

@Howard Smith
Howard Smith - Cradle Coast Tours - Tasmania

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