Face to face learning in Northern Tasmania

Face to face learning in Northern Tasmania is supported by Tourism Tribe membership.




What makes the Tourism Tribe different?

There are a number of things that set this learning environment apart from others, in this post we’ll share what makes the Tribe unique.

Our members

Our members share many passions, the majority of them are in the business of Tourism, but we do have other small businesses as well, they may not think they are in the business of tourism but we think they are.

They are all in the business of Tourism because they love people, they are proud of their business and community, they also enjoy sharing the experience with their guests. They are just ordinary people like you and me!

The majority of them didn’t grow up in the digital age but they know that to survive they need to keep pace and adopt technology. They are also hard working but incredibly time poor, enjoy the occasional Tourism function and the odd get together.

Sound familiar?

A commitment to learning and sharing.

Our members know that they need to continually adopt new technologies to keep pace, they also know that time is precious. They use the Tourism Tribe to solve problems that ultimately improve their bottom line.

How do they do this? The forums are one of the keystones of the Tourism Tribe website as they enable our experts to provide advice in a secure environment but also enable peer to peer learning. Email alerts advise all members of a new question and members can subscribe to the replies. This way individuals can learn and adopt snippets of information to improve their business.

Our members share a common philosophy.

They don’t view each other as competition but rather as individuals trying to make a living in a challenging environment and needing help and support. They don’t proclaim to know everything but are willing to share their experience with a particular issue they have faced and found a solution too.

We the Tribal elders, monitor and manage the forums to ensure that they are used as intended and encourage open and honest conversations.

What does the Tribe offer its members?

In addition to face to face learning, we offer;

That’s what we think makes the Tourism Tribe unique!













About fabienne

AvatarFabienne Wintle is Chief Digital Strategist and is an advocate for digital self-sufficiency, having empowered thousands of small businesses with the knowledge and tools required to make a living from tourism. Her special blend of digital know-how, tourism knowledge, coaching skills and a natural gift for communication make her a sought-after consultant, workshop facilitator and speaker.
She lives on Australia's Southern Great Barrier Reef in Agnes Water, Queensland where she volunteers her time to help local businesses use the internet.


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