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Tourism Tribe are proud to sponsor the awards in 2019 and have enabled an excellent opportunity for increased marketing exposure for ALL entrants.  

In the lead-up to the gala ceremony every entrant can create their story using Tourism Tribe’s magic online story builder.  This will result in a beautiful online post and web ready video that shares the behind the scenes story of your business.  

Your story will be shared on social media as part of the awards marketing program and your story will be converted into a media release and sent to your local media outlets

Steps you need to take to publish your story

20 minutes

Capture your story

Fill out our online capture form to capture your story. It’s super quick 🙂

20 minutes


Your story is Live

View it amongst the other stories and share it via social media



A media release in your inbox

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Within a week

We will create your story video

A video about your story will be created by our team and appended to your story page on

Within a week

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"I can’t speak highly enough of Liz and Fabie and the extraordinarily generous product they have created for us. They truly are ‘Givers’."

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