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The most commonly asked question of me at the help centre is………

“What can the Tourism Tribe do for me?”

Well I usually reply with all the services we offer and how we focus on problem solving and excellent customer service.

The along came Colin, he’s from Vatu Sanctuary in Alice Springs and he joined the Tribe a couple of days ago. Apart from the fact his place looks amazing, his story perfectly showcases how the Tribe works.


Vatu Sanctuary, Alice Springs, Australia

Vatu Sanctuary, Alice Springs, Australia


Let’s start at the beginning

As I said Colin joined, I assume as a result of our CEO Liz Wards recent visit to the Red Centre, but I could be wrong.

He joined and updated his profile with his smiling face

He then proceeded to ask this question in our forums, which are restricted to experts and members and monitored by the Tourism Tribe admin team.

He wrote

“Hi All,

I just inquired with a webdesigner/host about doing a blog or something similar on our website. The initial response I got was: “Blogs are a little outdated now and most business’ use Facebook as a source to connect with their customers”.

Are Tribe members doing blogs and if so, do they find them useful? what is their aim with a blog? how do they measure the success of their blog?

I would be writing blogs on a number of different topic, but with the ultimate aim of promoting Vatu Sanctuary, Gallery Gondwana (indigenous art) and Alice Springs…”

I recommend that members read and follow the thread here

The response

His question generated an email to our member base and within 24 hours he had received 6 very valid and informed replies, from experts and members.

Forum member response 24 hours

Forum member response 24 hours

He received advice about the value of blogging and the impact on your SEO, the changes to Facebook and the ever changing rules of engagement, how this all fits together and can improve your online presence.

The perspectives were slightly different but there was a common thread “you need to blog and here is why”

Colin engaged with the respondents and thanked them for their advice and as a result of the information Colin received he was able to make an informed business decision about whether or not blogging was a good idea for his business.

That is the power of the Tourism Tribe!

A community of like minded individuals, who want to learn about digital marketing, have a passion for the Tourism industry and don’t mind helping others. Members get unbiased, honest feedback and everybody learns together.

PS In case you are wondering…….

What do the respondents get out of this?

Some of our members are just mighty fine people, who want to see our industry grow and enjoy providing advice, some provide these services for a living and can be found here. We encourage members to seek quotes from these experts when they need additional support, this will ensure our Tribe grows and our industry flourishes.

Thank you Colin for giving the Tribe permission to tell your story

Learn how to improve your Tourism Business

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AvatarFabienne Wintle is Chief Digital Strategist and is an advocate for digital self-sufficiency, having empowered thousands of small businesses with the knowledge and tools required to make a living from tourism. Her special blend of digital know-how, tourism knowledge, coaching skills and a natural gift for communication make her a sought-after consultant, workshop facilitator and speaker.
She lives on Australia's Southern Great Barrier Reef in Agnes Water, Queensland where she volunteers her time to help local businesses use the internet.

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    Colin 3 years ago

    Thank you Wendy for this blog… indeed, membership repaid itself with the first flurry of respondents to my question… and it is great to be part of a ‘tribe’ with such a valuable range of expertise and to see other like-minded people going through issues that we can relate to and contribute to…

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