The Darwin History and Wartime Experience is a relatively new, exciting and visually appealing tour on the Darwin tourism scene. Darwin is becoming well known for its historical significance to Australia, particularly with respect to its involvement in attacks by the Japanese on Australia during World War 2.
We provide a unique, memorable, living historical experience of Darwin, all in the comfort of a restored WW2 vintage truck – the only WW2 vehicle operated commercially in Australia.

Who are the people behind The Darwin History and Wartime Experience?

David Leck – Owner/Operator
Cindy Dudgeon – Davids partner and sometime tour desk operator, brolga entry helper, vehicle cleaner and general alround advisor
Andrew Merritt – sales/tour desk

Darwin's History & Wartime Experience brought to life.

Climb on board a real World War II Army Truck and experience the Darwin of days-gone-by with us! Departing 4 times a day from the top of the Mall. Discount for seniors and veterans available.

Posted by The Darwin History and Wartime Experience on Sunday, 22 July 2018

Tell us something quirky or memorable about you, your team, your customer or your business

We call our tour Vehicle "Betty" – named after Cindy grandmother – who happened to work as a driver – for officers – in the Australian Womans Land Army during WW2.
Like Cindys grandmother "Betty" can occasionally be a bit cantankerous, stubborn and make inappropropriate comments/noises/gear grinding. Perhaps the funniest incident we have had though is being stopped by police for NOT Speeding down a dual lane highway – full of clients at the time were pulled over for doing 55km/hr in a 60km/hr zone. We were let on our way with caution to go faster if possible!

What’s the favourite thing you love about your business?

I love to hear people have enjoyed the tour, I look forward to filling the truck up as much as possible, I love to think of ways to leverage the business into a broader market

What’s the company background?

The Darwin History and Wartime Experience began as an idea while reading a book at the Darwin waterfront during time off between Veterinary locum jobs in Darwin around 2008. A long time repeat visitor to and lover of the city of Darwin I felt there was something lacking – a niche that could be filled – with respect to an educational visitor experience with a difference. An interest in all things "old" led me to start searching classifieds/magazines and online for a ww2 vehicle that might suit – and when one was finally located in pristine condition the idea could finally bear fruit .

What’s your ultimate vision for The Darwin History and Wartime Experience?

The legacy I would like to leave is something that every one wants to do when the come to Darwin – and by way of a fun informative tour get an understanding/eductaion of the events that have unfolded

A testimonial about The Darwin History and Wartime Experience?

HANDS DOWN the most informative and enjoyable tour we have done in the NT.
We had seen the Stokes Hill wharf exhibit and the museum but doing the tour with David put everything into reality. Loved driving around in “Old Betty” his 42/43 Studebaker which was complete with “clunky” gearbox. Fantastic

More information about The Darwin History and Wartime Experience

Business name: The Darwin History and Wartime Experience
Address: 25/6 Aristos Place, Winnellie Darwin Northern Territory 0821 Australia
Phone: 0417005819
Website | Email |Facebook | Instagram

Tourism Region: NT-Top End
Industry sector: Tour


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