The self-guided tour journeys through 300m2 of tunnels and grottos that René Boissevain built to feature his collection of natural crystals and prehistoric fossils. Covering an area of 300 sq metres, the interactive displays allow you to touch and photograph over 600 specimens. This unique experience combines education and appreciation for one man’s dedication to preserving the earth’s natural history by building a cave in the main street of Atherton.

Who are the people behind The Crystal Caves?

The man behind this bizarre attraction – René Boissevain built 300 sq meters of man made cave in his shop to share a massive collection of crystals and fossils.

Tell us something quirky or memorable about you, your team, your customer or your business

What’s it feel like to run your hands over the jaw of a wooly mammoth? What does the water trickling over half a tonne of rose quartz sound like? What’s happening to your equilibrium as you enter complete darkness surrounded by fluorescent glowing spheres? To be encouraged to explore every nook and cranny of this man made cave in your own time is unique. To be allowed to touch is unheard of for a mineralogical museum. Crystals, minerals and gemstones form in cavities deep underground. This self-guided tour is the closest you will ever be to that uninhabitable world. This is René’s passion.

What’s the favourite thing you love about your business?

The joy in working at The Crystal Caves comes from sharing René’s passion with visitors from all over the world. Seeing an indifferent visitor enter the museum and emerge as a gobsmacked enthusiast several hours later is extremely rewarding for René and the staff. For visitors who had no prior knowledge of the wonderful world of minerals, the tour is an absolute eye opener. For collectors, it is said to be one of the best collections in Australia.

What’s the company background?

Working as a farm hand in the early 60’s René was invited on a fossicking trip in the Gulf Savannah by a work mate. He had no knowledge of agates or their meagre value but embarked on a journey that would shape the rest of his life. In the unforgiving North Queensland heat, with a pickaxe and a shovel, René unearthed his first agate that contained crystals inside and became obsessed with the geological marvel. 20 years later René felt the only way to share his now massive collection was in a cave like setting where most importantly visitors could explore and touch in their own time

What’s your ultimate vision for The Crystal Caves?

We contributed a bit of quirkiness to the region by offering a surprising experience to visitors who came here looking for reef and rainforest and found the most ancient natural creations from earth.

A testimonial about The Crystal Caves?

Do yourself a favour and visit the crystal caves!! We were actually quite blown away by this beautiful place made that much more magical after learning that it is one man’s collection and the display is his life’s passion. Rene has really given a gift to the world

More information about The Crystal Caves

Business name: The Crystal Caves
Address: 69 Main street Atherton Queensland 4883 Australia
Phone: 0740912365
Website | Email |Facebook | Instagram

Tourism Region: QLD-Tropical North Queensland
Industry sector: Attractions


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