Ningaloo Reef Holiday Homes offers personalised customer service when you book your short term holiday accommodation with us. After all, it is all that we do! Every day of the year, we offer our guests a selection of over 30 holiday homes, situated on the pristine coastline of the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef. Exmouth is renowned for its abundance of whalesharks, its unspoilt reef, and amazing fishing. Stay in our quality accommodation, to experience everything on offer in this region.

Who are the people behind Ningaloo Reef Holidays ?

Helen Turner, Owner and ‘Hands On’ Lady Boss.
Geoff Turner, the ‘poor husband’ married to the Boss.

Tell us something quirky or memorable about you, your team, your customer or your business

For those who have never been to Exmouth, it’s totally unique, located on the end of a peninsula and surrounded by virtual desert. Doesn’t sound that special? It’s not until you get under the water, or ‘on’ the water that this place comes alive. I flew up here (chasing love…lust actually!!) about 15 years ago, and within 6 months the lusty one and I had purchased a house in Exmouth and were married. It worked its magic! Many years on, and we have explored every cranny of this region, and now love the open ranges and desert almost as much as the reef and ocean that surrounds this peninsula.

What is the favourite thing you love about your business?

When a guest is in residence, and they take the time to ring me to tell me how we have exceeded their expectations. And they are raving and gushing at how gorgeous the house is, how clean, how the views are amazing. But when they then say something like, ‘I want to thank you for all the information and local knowledge, being at the end of the phone, and talking me through the holiday and making it easy’, that’s when I truly get a buzz out of what we do. It keeps me centered and on ‘purpose’.

What is the company background

We fell in love with this town, purchased a few houses, and started renting them out with the local real estate guys. Hang on!! I come from a marketing and sales background in tourism (wine tourism albeit), I can make these two houses work by marketing them myself. And that is how it all started. Before I knew it I was saying YES to all my mates with holiday homes, and now it is all we do. Growing steadily over the last 12 years, with 30 homes. I even convinced the husband to give up his big job down south and join me up north. He just loves changing light globes, what can I say!

What is your ultimate vision for Ningaloo Reef Holidays

I know that we have raised the standard of holiday accommodation in Exmouth. I know that our guests appreciate our personalised customer service, our honesty and our pride in our region.

A testimonial about Ningaloo Reef Holidays

Sunsets over the ranges and you can hear the whales at night time in the gulf.
We have used these guys for several years. Our holiday home is always clean and exactly as the description and photos reflect. Always happy to recommend and will book again! Just a wonderful business to deal with.

More information about Ningaloo Reef Holidays

Business name: Ningaloo Reef Holidays
Address: 13 Griffiths Way Exmouth 6707 WA Australia
Phone: 899492269
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Tourism Region: –Coral Coast
Industry sector: Accommodation

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  1. Avatar Author
    fabienne 9 months ago

    Helen, this is hilarious (poor ‘poor husband Geoff’!)
    I can’t wait to visit one day. Thank you for sharing your story. You’re definitely a very proactive operator who is always ahead of the curve when it comes to customer service and making sure your business is always in line with the digital traveller’s expectations!

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