The Eromanga Natural History Museum is Australia’s newest dinosaur museum. Nestled in far south-western Queensland the museum is home to Australia’s largest dinosaur, a staggering 30m long by 6.5m high titanosaur named ‘Cooper’. The museum strives to develop a hub for arid Australian paleontology showcasing not only dinosaurs but an array of fossil including 100,000-year-old megafauna. By visiting the museum you will be left with a lasting understanding of Australians unique fossil heritage.

Who are the people behind Eromanga Natural History Museum?

Robyn Mackenzie – General Manager and Operations
Corey Richards – Museum Administration
Jo Pegler- Laboratory Co-ordinator
Stuart Mackenzie – OGF Chairman/Director

Tell us something quirky or memorable about you, your team, your customer or your business

We have grown an understanding that celebrating every milestone is what makes us confident that the project will continue to develop. With a constant staff of three, our tiny team represents the forefront of tourism and palaeontology in south-western Queensland. With an estimated 90 years of digging at our current rate, we’ve got plenty of time to get to know each other even better.

What’s the favourite thing you love about your business?

The fact that we get to come to work in the morning and can uncover something that hasn’t been seen by a human being. And then look at massive variations in our specimens from remains the size of a sugar grain right up to the bones of the largest animal that has ever walked the Australian continent and everything in between it really is a feeling that compels you to the project every day. That’s what makes us get out of bed in the morning.

What’s the company background?

Our project began by the chance find of a bone from a 14-year-old boy which ended up being a large plant-eating dinosaur. After 11 years in a small field station where the bones were discovered, a home for ‘Cooper’ was built in the small town of Eromanga which is located an hour from the sites. In order to be a hub for arid Australian palaeontology, we created the Outback Gondwana Foundation which is a registered Australian Charity and Not for Profit, to be the custodians of the scientifically significant finds. Now 15 years on the development of a more spacious stage is about to embark.

What’s your ultimate vision for Eromanga Natural History Museum?

Our legacy is not just the bones but the story of discovery, with the development of a regional museum that showcases world-class specimens. A hub for Australian Palaeontology to share to the world.

A testimonial about Eromanga Natural History Museum?

Wow wow wow:
Who would have known dinosaurs could be so exciting? Such an informative tour of the museum and education about dinosaur discoveries. The size of the bones found around Eromanga is sensational. Congratulations on your discovery and your passion for sharing it with others.

More information about Eromanga Natural History Museum

Business name: Eromanga Natural History Museum
Address: 1 Dinosaur Drive Eromanga Queensland 4480 Australia
Phone: 0746563084
Website | Email |Facebook | Instagram

Tourism Region: QLD-Outback Queensland region
Industry sector: Attractions


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