Cobbold Village provides a unique blend of accommodation, recreational, dining and licenced bar facilities for guests. The Village is nestled in a beautiful natural setting covering 22 acres, that is characterised by kangaroo and forest Mitchell grasses, rocky ridges, basalt boulders, cycads and towering ironbark and eucalypt trees. With more than 100 species of birds, a chorus greets visitors at dawn each morning and resident agile wallabies can be seen quenching their thirst in the Village dam

Who are the people behind Cobbold Gorge?

Simon & Gaye Terry, with the assistance of their children Harry, Emma and Annie own and operate Cobbold Village, together with a dedicated team who share the vision to be a recognised destination.

Tell us something quirky or memorable about you, your team, your customer or your business

Cobbold Gorge is a breathtaking natural wonder tucked away within the rugged sandstone formations of Far North Queensland. This gorge is vastly different from others due to its extreme narrowness, closing to a mere two metres wide in places with spectacular 30 foot cliffs on either side. Expert opinion indicates that in geological terms Cobbold Gorge is probably the youngest gorge in Queensland, formed around 10,000 years ago. Cobbold Gorge is fed by several springs keeping the water level constant, allowing viewing opportunities even in the “dry”.

What’s the favourite thing you love about your business?

With the discovery of Cobbold Gorge in 1993, our vision was to provide an authentic experience. I believe this has been achieved through the personal interaction we have with our visitors and industry colleagues. Our motivation comes from knowing that we have played a major role in developing a public asset for future generations to enjoy, long after we have gone.

What’s the company background?

Nobody had ever ventured up into the narrows of the gorge until 1993, when two friends from boarding school came to visit Simon Terry, bringing a small tinny with them. As there was no road access to Cobbold Creek back then, the three of them proceeded to bush bash their way from the Agate Creek road to the creek, and made their way up into the gorge in the tinny. This awe-inspiring experience sparked Simon’s desire to share the unique discovery with others and he soon realised the tourism potential Cobbold Gorge and the fascinating history associated with the surrounding area offered.

What’s your ultimate vision for Cobbold Gorge?

To provide the ultimate outback adventure and empowering people through nature (staff and visitors).

A testimonial about Cobbold Gorge?

“Cobbold Gorge is an overwhelmingly peaceful place.
A place where time stands still, and the eyes to fill oneself with tears – German Journalist: Hagen Haas.

More information about Cobbold Gorge

Business name: Cobbold Gorge
Address: Agate Creek Rd Forsayth QLD 4871 Australia
Phone: 0409072700
Website | Email |Facebook | Instagram

Tourism Region: QLD-Tropical North Queensland
Industry sector: Accommodation


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