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Virtual Reality Tourism


Extended reality technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, are being increasingly used by businesses large and small to give customers an immersive and memorable experience. The tourism and hospitality industries are among those adopting these technologies to promote their products and to enhance the experience they are offering.

This two-part course features two mixed reality specialists who will explain the difference between VR, AR and MR and their various applications using tourism and hospitality case studies.

Course topics

  • What are Extended Reality technologies
  • When to use and NOT to use extended reality technologies
  • Matching your ER outcome to your unique financial, time and management resources
  • How AR has grown across tourism and other industries
  • The impact that AR can bring to a tourism business, its influence on the travel purchase cycle
  • How to self-create AR content
  • Real-life case studies of AR in action in destinations and businesses
  • What you can do to take the first steps toward integrating AR into your brand and product marketing

Course content

1 hour

Extended Reality Technologies Workshop

Learn how you can utilise new technologies such as VR, AR and MR to increase product value and connection with customers in your tourism business. This lesson will show you case studies of how tourism operators have taken utilised these new technologies to increase product value and connection with customers. This lesson offers the knowledge and inspiration you will need to tailor and implement Extended Reality Technologies into your business.
1 hour

45 minutes

Augmented Reality Technology Workshop

Augmented Reality (AR) technology adds to real-life images by layering three-dimensional artificial objects on top of it in real-time. AR is a perfect fit for tourism because of the way it allows operators to take a static attraction and turn it into a dynamic experience. This lesson demonstrates the power that AR technology has to influence travellers’ decisions on destinations, as well as the commercial opportunities for tourism operators who see themselves as experience makers. The lesson specialists will also demonstrate how tourism operators can self-create AR content for their business.
45 minutes

Guest Presenters

Gavin Crombie

Gavin Crombie is a self-professed serial entrepreneur. He has done all sorts of business over the years, but for the past 25 years, has been running an amazing team of Digital whiz kids at Digital Frontier. Whether it is Virtual, Augmented, Mixed or downright Hard Reality – they are the team to talk to. VR/AR/MR – Extended Reality Technologies are the latest, and Gavin would say, one of the greatest, contributions to pushing forward the never-ending march for businesses to interact with their client base. Digital Frontier specializes in experiential marketing sectors; working with companies like Tesla, Disney, Princess Cruises, Audi and so many more. The Digital Frontier squad has oodles of ways to add value to your business and get your message out in a way that gets attention. Using VR, AR, MR 3D, Animation, Visualization, 3D Projection, and midnight dreaming, they make your ideas come to life so that you can impress the socks off your customers. In addition to his role at Digital Frontier, China is a passion of Gavin’s. He eats, sleeps, breathes, and lives there. It’s sometimes a roller coaster, but Gavin enjoys the ride. He has been advising companies on how to do business in China for 20 years now.

Geoff Pike

Photo of Geoff Pike
Geoff is an advocate for entrepreneurial business, he understands the challenges and obstacles that have to be overcome to grow a self-financed business and achieve your goals. Between 2001 and 2015, he grew a sole trader plumbing business with 67k turnover and transformed it into an internationally certified multi-disciplined construction company, General Trade Industries (GTI), with a turnover of more than 31mil, managing a workforce peaking at over 300. While building GTI, he created a regional business legacy by growing and managing the business from Thargomindah (1,000km inland from any Australian shoreline – population density of the region is 10 people for every 1,650 sq/km), building sustainable rural employment and creating training opportunities in regional Australia. In 2016 whilst being faced with personal hardship, Geoff undertook an interest in mentoring businesses; providing his proven business skills and knowledge within the innovative technology startup industry. Working among numerous businesses, Geoff discovered a market gap and helped foster the creation of LiveOrbis™. LiveOrbis is a software platform that enables everyday businesses to create and share Augmented Reality experiences with customers; simply and easily.

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Loved it! Thank you, Fabi - you've done it again. Gavin was great, and the facilitation was excellent.

Carole McGibbon (Alex Beach Cabins and Tourist Park)

Thank you for the info! It's great to know that the ability to have this kind of resource available even exists!

Bron Scholes (Yorke Peninsula Council)

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