The Digital Sales Kit

The one and only sales brochure you will need to wow potential clients and give existing clients more reasons to love you, on a golden platter.

The marketing brochure is one of the oldest tricks in the tourism marketing playbook. But to be effective, it needs to be adapted to the digital world we live in.

If I had told you there was a sales brochure that:

You’d find it hard to believe right?

Well, we have just created it. It is:

a canva-built, interactive, online and print friendly digital brochure that doubles as a lead magnet to grow your email database.

We've gained 1670 new subscribers in 5 months

We've uploaded our Top Shots guide created by Tourism Tribe to our website and couldn't believe how many new prospects it generated

Amber Rodgers

President, Discovery Coast Tourism and Commerce

Using the right tool for the job

We've developed a sensational Canva-based product that allows you to easily update it, without any graphic design skills!

Emily Barry

Tourism Tribe

Photo of Tourism Tribe client, Jonathan Capel from Torquay Terrace

Hannah was a most knowledgeable and professional coach who worked earnestly and with a friendly smile to deliver a highly competent end product within a tight time frame.

Jonathan Capel

Torquay Terrace

A new way of presenting products

Digital brochures bring about a new way of presenting products and services to clients. With their endless customisation, portability and ease of creation, they make lives easier a small business without a graphic designer on the books to stay ahead of the competition.

What you'll get

How it will happen







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Who is this suited to?

B&Bs, tours, hire, rentals, tourism services businesses, cafes, restaurants, motel, hotels, events

Local tourism organisations, regional tourism organisations and associations

Any business who doesn't have a multimedia document that showcases their business

Want to learn more?

Fill out the form and our sales team will get in touch


How long will it take for my brochure to be completed

We've allocated 5 weeks from start to finish to leave you enough time to source the images you want

Will this be time consuming on our end? I'm so busy already

No! We've designed the whole process with you in mind and we will meet via zoom for short meetings to source all the info we need from you.

Will I have full ownership

Oh yes, absolutely. 100%. We'll even give you access to our course that shows you how to make the most of Canva.

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