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‘Road to Recovery’ Post-Disaster Marketing


Bushfires, droughts, floods and cyclones. In the wake of a natural disaster, tourism regions suffer from a drop in visitation. Would-be guests feel hesitant to visit the affected and nearby areas because they are unsure about a number of things: Is it safe? Is anything open? What does the landscape look like now? Will I be a burden if I visit too soon? Even if your business was not directly impacted by the events in your region, if you are anywhere in the nearby vicinity your business is also likely to see a drop in numbers.

Visitation levels usually return to normal after a year or two, but there are a number of things that tourism businesses must do to alleviate their downturn in business and to entice visitors back to their region as quickly as possible so they can spread the word on accessibility and their enjoyment on visiting and experiencing the local businesses. This workshop delves into the practical methods of communicating with guests so that you can be honest and upfront about your situation, sharing your story with them and promote other operators in your region in order to boost the appeal of your destination. Presenters also cover sales and marketing tips to drive conversion from business and regional campaigns. Participants are also able to download our latest post-disaster marketing planner.

Access to this workshop is free for both members and non-members of Tourism Tribe.

Course topics

  • Understanding visitor reactions to a natural disaster
  • Managing your messaging amidst negative news reports
  • Marketing and sales strategies and tactics
  • Your role in driving motivation to visit and conversion to sales
  • How to address the concerns of would-be travellers
  • Examples of best practice from the 2019/2020 Australian bushfires
  • How to plan your content and campaign focus over the immediate period
  • How to focus on hope, positivity and silver-linings

1 hour


In this 1 hour workshop, Fabienne and Liz provide marketing and sales advice and techniques for tourism operators to utilise during and following a natural disaster. They talk about strategic topics including mindset to support successful marketing under pressure and cover a wide range of must to marketing, communications and sales techniques to be able to mobilise your messaging and campaigns as quickly as possible, as time is of the essence.
1 hour

Guest Presenters

Liz Ward

Liz Ward CEO and Founder Tourism Tribe
Liz is a committed advocate for innovation in marketing and distribution and recognised expert in strategy with more than 20 years experience specialising in travel and tourism. Liz has pioneered many first-time digital transformation initiatives that have had lasting impacts including starting up the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) and being its CEO for over ten years. Liz is the co-founder of the innovative tourism online learning community, Tourism Tribe, which launched in July 2015 and is already providing online coaching and support to over 1,600 tourism operators around Australia and the world. Tourism Tribe was awarded in the Queensland Tourism Industry Innovation Awards in 2016 and in its inception in the UNWTO Innovation Awards in 2015.

Fabienne Wintle

Fabienne (Fabie) is the co-founder and CIO of Tourism Tribe and has developed some of the best performing customer-facing websites and digital coaching programs in the tourism industry. Fabie is a digital strategist who excels in her field of empowering tourism professionals to make the most of digital technology in their business ventures. She is an advocate for digital self-sufficiency within businesses and her hands-on approach has enabled thousands of small and large business owners with the tools and knowledge to make a living from Tourism. Fabienne’s special blend of digital know-how, tourism knowledge, her training and coaching skills, ability to think outside the box and a natural gift for communication make her a sought after consultant, workshop facilitator and speaker in her field.

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It's the overall help that you provide in encouraging focus and prioritizing where one puts energy. I am extremely fragmented in my various jobs and responsibilities and I know I can rely on TT to sharpen my focus. I really feel it's like having instant access to genuinely caring peronalised consultancy at a very low cost ! I can't thank you enough.

Sue Forrester (The Burrow at Wombat Bend B&B)

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