Upskill For Tourism

An intensive program for people in tourism who want to make use of their time in a productive way and to re-emerge from the COVID lockdown with a stronger digital footprint.

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On top of all this, we're whole-heartedly offering our technical knowledge and marketing automation expertise.

So if you feel that - on top of all the awesome things you're going to learn - you could really do with a tourism tech at your fingertips to help you configure your website, make sure your SEO is correct, connect your Google Analytics to your online booking system or anything else that involves a technical device - then we're your winning team.

Jackie Burling Skyview Units, QLD

“I have just finished the last week of your amazing course.  I am so proud of what I have achieved in just sticking with it.  When I look back at what I’ve actually completed I am feeling very inspired to keep going back over each week’s lesson to slowly cementing a permanent change for me and more importantly Sky View’s marketing presence.

Both Fabie and Liz and all of their team are so knowledgeable and really do explain everything for older, less techie brains like mine. 

The course goes from the basics, which all businesses should have in place, (but don’t) to what I think is very tricky – the email marketing, lead magnets, facebook advertising.  They are very up to date with what is the easiest and best tools for every part of your marketing.

I would thoroughly recommend this course to everyone, particularly if you are like me and have a very limited budget and wear lots of different business hats.

Thank you Tourism Tribe, I will be a member forever.  I’m afraid you’re stuck with me!!”

“Just wanted to send our huge thanks for the work you are showing/guiding/teaching us on the Upskill during lockdown course. We love it!

Like many small tourism businesses we were devastated when Covid-19 hit and not really in the head space immediately for a course such as this. However, after many gorgeous wines from the Yarra Valley and time to regroup, the timing was perfect for us to get back into work mode and start on Intake 3.

Every week we take back more control in our business. Twelve weeks seems like a big commitment but the pace is perfect. We are implementing something every week. And it’s all those things we never had time for, or felt too difficult to tackle. Your course is systematically ticking them all off for us.

Liz and Fabi are so clear in their lessons, with ample opportunity for questions and practice. We would urge anyone considering the course to absolutely do it.

Donna & Cath
Yarra Valley A2B, Vic

What the interactive course will cover

  • Client communication on steroids with Facebook Messenger/chat Automation
  • Refreshing your product and experiences
  • Email marketing personalisation and automation
  • Planning your content calendar in the COVID era
  • 2020 approaches to Facebook and Instagram
  • Setting up a lead magnet for your website
  • Creating packages and participating in campaigns
  • Diversifying your products & markets
  • Setting up your blog
  • Putting in place goals and processes for reputation management
  • Staying safe online including safe password management, anti spam and anti hacking
  • Digital efficiency tools for your business
  • Creative customer service strategies

What the program

Top Notch Weekly Online Workshops

You will have full access to each workshop recording via your Tourism Tribe Dashboard in the Upskill for Tourism Revival course for you to watch and rewatch.

Working Smartly in the Covid Era


  • Communication (Covid page on website, social media links, email database)
  • Smart password and Scam security
  • Smart tools to work better (from home or the office)

Week 1

Prioritise your Lockdown Activities


  • Create your business plan and action plan for your lockdown time
  • Plan your marketing asset updates

Week 2

Growth through Online reputation management


  • Your entrepreneurial DNA
  • SWOT-analyse your reviews
  • Use intelligence to update your product
  • Set up online reputation management process for reopening

Week 3

Refresh your Product Presentation across digital assets


  • Key focus on website product pages
  • What makes a good product page on your website
  • What elements do you absolutely need to have
  • Accommodation: turn your accommodation into an experience (e.g. create a package that includes guided bushwalks, cheese and wine platter, late checkout because of the bird watching walk is included)

Week 4

Get your Website Lead-Funnel Ready


  • Your sales funnel (how to create your website conversion funnel)
  • Creation of your 'lead magnet' to start building a consumer database
  • Lead magnet vs landing page
  • Creation of your 'lead magnet' to start building a consumer database and connection to your website
  • Introduction to email marketing automation and nurturing sequences

Week 5

Automate Live Chat and Facebook Messenger


  • How to set up your Facebook Messenger to auto direct your enquiries
  • How to connect your Live Chat on your website and make it work as your free marketing team member

Week 6

Optimise your Website Features and Functionality


  • How to turn your website into a lead generating & sales machine
  • Critical elements missing on 99% of tourism businesses websites
  • WordPress websites: what are the must have plugins?
  • Complete website health check

Week 7

Facebook in 2020


  • Key elements of your Facebook strategy in 2020
  • Facebook Groups
  • How to get extra exposure leveraging your local businesses
  • Tips to create more engaging Facebook content

Week 8

Instagram in 2020


  • Key elements of your Instagram strategy in 2020
  • Simple ways to create Instagram Stories for bigger returns
  • Tips to create more engaging Instagram content

Week 9

Target Advertise on Facebook


  • Role of FB advertising in your marketing strategy
  • Key concepts (Campaign objectives, Adsets, Ads, Audience, Pixel)
  • Pulling it all together strategically
  • Boosting a post?
  • Getting help
  • Business Manager

Week 10

Create your Marketing Calendar


  • Practices and tools to plan your COVID revival marketing activity
  • Develop your seasonal marketing calendar
  • How to plan for a marketing campaign
  • Setting up automations to nurture leads

Week 11

Email Segmentation and Marketing Automation


  • Email marketing automation 101
  • Compliance, anti-spam act and GDPR
  • Nurturing sequence set up
  • Creating your lead magnet popup
  • Putting together your ‘Freebie’
  • Setting up your email marketing automation sequence
  • Writing the email marketing emails

Week 12

Wrapped into an 12-week action plan

We will provide you with an interactive 8-week plan pre-loaded with all the activities, tools and case studies that you will need to upskill and improve your online presence.

Your personalised action plan will take you through everything you need to learn.

Sue & Bill Barford The Burrow at Wombat Bend Cottages

I joined Tourism Tribe at its beginning. As a person with enthusiasm and a strong desire to improve my understanding of my niche in the tourism industry, I felt that here was an opportunity to grasp with both hands.

I have found working with Liz and Fabie, even though we have not met ‘in person’, is akin to having a personal mentor beside me at every turn. The Tourism Tribe program has become a must for me to engage with, and the more specific and detailed programs on offer from these inspiring women and their industry contacts, the more I feel I am being guided and empowered to identify my place in our industry.

I also know I can ask questions in the Tourism Tribe support forum and not be ignored. I know that others are in the same learning boat, and that gives me additional confidence that I am far from alone. It can be isolating when one is not part of a busy office structure where lots of people have the answers to a problem; to know I can log on to Tourism Tribe and ask for help ~ and get it in a timely way ~ is simply amazing.

Ready to

We can’t wait to have you onboard.

Would you like to add access to our course library for $25?

Over 30 courses on topics that are relevant to running a tourism business in 2020. 

Our course library is the perfect companion for tourism operators who don't have a digital expert at their fingertips 24/7.
Claire McCollum
Tourism Tribe's Senior Digital Strategist

We can’t wait to have you onboard.

Would you like to add access to our course library for $25?

Over 30 courses on topics that are relevant to running a tourism business in 2020. 

Our course library is the perfect companion for tourism operators who don't have a digital expert at their fingertips 24/7.
Claire McCollum
Tourism Tribe's Senior Digital Strategist

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