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This webinar is for you if:
  • Your role includes guiding and supporting tourism operators
  • You have limited time and resources, and have to prioritise marketing strategies that perform best
  • You wish to learn how to improve the perceived value your role and organisation deliver to your members and the operators you support
  • You want to gain essential digital marketing skills required in our industry
  • You’re eager to maximise the impact of your work
Prerequisites to join:
  • A commitment to helping your local industry to thrive
  • A willingness to adapt to new trends and techniques
  • A passion for continual learning and growth

Professional dev: Digital marketing and analytics

Does your role include guiding and supporting operators?

In the new era of transparency brought by the Google Analytics (GA4) rollout, tourism operators you support now have an even more precise view of the leads, bookings, and visitors coming from consumer campaigns and emails, including those from your organisation.

You’ll learn:

  • Sharpen your skills, and align your marketing practices with the insight brought by GA4.
  • How leads appear in an operator’s GA4 account: We will show you what an operator sees and how your organisation’s referrals, sign-ups and sales are easily measured by an operator
  • Recognise how the operator’s perspective is shaped by the leads your website and your consumer email campaigns send to them
  • When you pay influencers: how to measure their performance in your own Analytics
    How to easily tag your email marketing campaigns so their value can also be recognised by operators

Free event!

Date: Thursday, August 17 2023 (1 hour)
Starts: 11 00 a.m.
Ends: 12 00 p.m.
Timezone: Australia/Brisbane
Location: Zoom
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This is a joint event for both Tourism Tribe and Navii members.
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