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Making the Most of Famils & Media


Not sure how famils work? Unclear on how media and trade famils are different? Not confident in how to respond when media contact you direct? This workshop, run in coordination with Ecotourism Australia, will help you make the most from famils and media; including tips on how to prepare for, and host a successful famil. Our guest presenter, Mel, will share the “good, the bad, and the ugly” about famils.

Course topics

  • Overview of how famils work; where they come from; the process
  • The benefit of supporting famils
  • How to spot a ‘good famil’ opportunity – determine what famils you should support
  • Preparing for a famil
  • What’s expected to be included in a famil 
  • Don’t and Don’ts for famils – especially for media famils
  • Making the most of media
  • Developing your own famils
  • Follow-up after the famil 

Course content

1 hour

Making the most of Famils and Media

In this 1-hour session, Melanie Grevis-James provides her best advice on how to prepare for, and host a successful famil. If you are not sure how famils work, you’re unclear on how media and trade famils are different from one another, or even if you need guidance on how to respond when media contact you directly… never fear! This training session will resolve all of your famil-related anxieties.
1 hour

Guest Presenters

Melanie Grevis-James

Melanie Grevis-James has 29 years’ experience in the Australian tourism industry, with key marketing roles within regional, State, and Federal tourism organisations. She has seen the industry from all sides and levels – including 13+ years publishing a travel magazine. She has organised, hosted, or attended countless famils – both trade and media; and has witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly. She is based in Brisbane, where she has operated a tourism marketing business since 2000. She loves assisting regional, rural, and Outback tourism operators and destinations, and encouraging sustainable tourism.

Liz Ward

Liz Ward CEO and Founder Tourism Tribe
Liz is a committed advocate for innovation in marketing and distribution and recognised expert in strategy with more than 20 years experience specialising in travel and tourism. Liz has pioneered many first-time digital transformation initiatives that have had lasting impacts including starting up the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) and being its CEO for over ten years. Liz is the co-founder of the innovative tourism online learning community, Tourism Tribe, which launched in July 2015 and is already providing online coaching and support to over 1,600 tourism operators around Australia and the world. Tourism Tribe was awarded in the Queensland Tourism Industry Innovation Awards in 2016 and in its inception in the UNWTO Innovation Awards in 2015.

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Fantastic! This training left me feeling more confident about expanding our FB activities. I will lap up anything Tourism Tribe offers by way of training. Your training is of a very high standard and consistently informative and on-trend for timely information. Thank you to you all.


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