Regional areas grow and benefit from having quality skills and capabilities in their destination and from having local specialists who have the tools and experience to teach and support local businesses.  Our Destination Specialists program is a train-the-trainer program and licenses regional Council and tourism staff to be able to run workshops and mentoring programs so they can help local business operators to grow their business performance.

This program is the solution to developing the business capabilities in regional areas.  It will empower the continual delivery of face to face training more often in more places for the benefit of regional economies.  These training services will be delivered under the guidance of Tourism Tribe experts, but not directly by them, but by the enthusiastic network of staff in regional and local tourism and local government organisations who share our values and goals to empower regional businesses.
We have packaged our training resources, processes and tools and we are ready to empower and accredit regional tourism staff and economic development officers to confidently deliver digital marketing workshops and one-on-one coaching programs.  This professional development program, called Destination Specialists, will include train-the-trainer modules, accreditation, licence to use course materials and coaching tools, continual resources updates and support.
The benefits of this train-the-trainer model are far reaching, literally, getting more qualified professionals operating at the grass roots in regions, running training workshops and delivering mentoring programs so operators have a local, trusted business champions to guide them to growth and improvement.

Program Outcomes

Destination Specialists are able to run workshops and mentoring programs utilising Tourism Tribe training resources and with the support of Tourism Tribe experts.  Councils and local tourism organisations are developing their people and their local businesses.

How the program is structured

Participant Requirements

Participants are required to undertake the e-Tourism Champions program.  This required them to be enthusiastic and have an attitude of wanting to share their knowledge and support their local industry to grow.  Immediately the participant will be upskilled across the topics of: Digital productivity, Imagery and video, Website and mobile, SEO, Online Distribution, E-marketing, Social media, Analytics and China & India.

A certificate of completion is issued for the e-Tourism Champions program.


Following completion of the e-Tourism Champions program the participant will be trained on how to deliver workshops and mentoring programs.  They will be introduced to the training resources including workshop slide presentations, workbooks and other training tools.

Participants will learn how to plan for a training program, about people’s different learning styles and how to cater for them, how to manage a workshop and how to deliver mentoring.

A certificate of completion is issued for the Destination Specialists program.


The participant is issued with a licence to use the Tourism Tribe training resources for a 12-month period.  We will maintain the resources and issue periodical updates as required.


We will provide support to Destination Specialists by way of a monthly online meeting, as required phone and email support and a special Destination Specialists online forum to enable cross fertilisation of ideas and learnings across regions.

If you would like to find out more about the Tribe’s Destination Specialists program, please fill out the form below.

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