Industry Workshops and Business Mentoring

Tourism Tribe offers training workshop to upskill tourism businesses as well as staff within councils, tourism organisations and industry associations.

Our areas of expertise include digital marketing, social media, traditional marketing, business planning, distribution as well as business development.

Our team have been delivering training to the Australian tourism industry since 2007. Not only are we qualified trainers and digital coaches, we are also practitioners and specialists in the areas we teach in.

Our training can be delivered in person, online or using a combination of in destination and online.

For Tourism Destinations

1) Digital Marketing Workshops

Accredited Tourism Tribe trainers have decades of experience in delivering workshops, industry presentations and one-on-one coaching with founders Liz Ward and Fabienne Wintle leading the way with their unsurpassed expertise in tourism and digital marketing strategy.

Liz and Fabie have delivered industry training across all parts of Australia and internationally and have long-standing relationships with other quality experts in their fields who they trust and facilitate to deliver programs to meet their clients’ demands at the highest standards.

The presentation and training resources are tailored for each client project to include relevant local product examples and drawn from a vast library of training resources spanning a wide range of topics including:

Digital Marketing Strategy (Full-day workshop)

  • How a digital marketing strategy will improve your business
  • Small business template for a digital marketing strategy
  • Identifying your target market
  • Selecting relevant distribution channels
  • Setting goals and KPIs
  • Developing your activity plan

Content marketing (Half-day workshop)

  • What is content marketing
  • Search explained
  • Linkage to business goals
  • Identifying your target markets and their needs
  • How to get organised with content
  • Working with partners
  • Creating content to drive search results
  • Introduction to blog posts and the impact of blogging

Online marketing in China (Full-day workshop)

  • Chinese consumer expectations and characteristics
  • Chinese consumer trends and purchase behaviours
  • Regional market differences
  • Connecting to the China travel trade distribution system
  • Strategies to connect directly
  • China social media landscape and online reputation management
  • Working the web in China
  • Content translation to suit the market
  • Content and design that works
  • Your website as a channel and strategies to drive direct business

Online distribution strategies (Full-day workshop)

  • Working with partners – the benefits and cost
  • Intro to the distribution system
  • Developing a distribution strategy
  • Pricing and yield for profitability
  • Contracting know-how
  • Developing strong commercial partnerships
  • Technology requirements
  • How to select the best technology product for your business
  • Your website as a channel and strategies to drive direct business

Social media (Half-day workshop)

  • How your ideal customer searches for you
  • The impact of social and peer review on your business
  • Making the most of Facebook and Instagram
  • Writing posts that drive engagement
  • Hashtag strategy
  • Measuring
  • Intro to Social Media Advertising

2) Operator mentoring

A tailored one-on-one coaching program for local business operators

  • Single one and a half-hour coaching sessions OR
  • A program of six one-hour sessions
  • Online assessment of each business undertaken in advance of the coaching
  • Delivered in region or online
  • Tailored to suit each business and your destination

3) Webinar series

Destination tailored webinar program for your local operators

  • One-hour sessions
  • Delivered in a series of six presentations
  • Presentations are recorded for DMO to share with broader audience
  • Up to 100 participants

4) Tourism Destination Benchmark Report

Empower your regional tourism organisation with an independent review of how effectively your organisation and local businesses perform online.

  • Recommendations for improvements in digital marketing, industry engagement and capability
  • Understand target market and destination marketing organisation (DMO) role in the distribution system
  • Strategic and usability review of DMO web and social presences
  • Assessment of 20 businesses (can be extended) in the destination to ascertain their online visibility and performance
  • Online reputation review by ReviewPro
  • Development of report including strategic and tactical recommendations
  • Workshop findings and recommendations with DMO and local businesses

Online Review of Tourism Businesses

  • Understand the online performance of your local industry and inform operators of their immediate improvement opportunities
  • Report to the DMO on the online visibility and performance of key products in their region
  • Assessment of up to 20 businesses (can be extended)
  • Option to add on online reputation management review by ReviewPro
  • Development of individual operator reports including priority recommendations 

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