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Learn how you can use new extended reality technologies creatively within your tourism business!

Extended reality technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, are being increasingly used by businesses large and small to give customers an immersive and memorable experience. The tourism and hospitality industries are among those adopting these technologies to enhance their product offering.

So how can virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality be used successfully in a Tourism setting? Our guest, Gavin Crombie, an extended reality technology expert and serial entrepreneur, will show you case studies of how tourism operators have taken utilised these new technologies to increase product value and connection with customers.

Live online workshop (45 min) and Q&A session (15 min)
Thursday 7 March 11:00-12:00 AEST (Brisbane time)

Featuring guest presenter Gavin Crombie, this live session will give tourism operators a deeper understanding of both how to tailor Extended Reality Technologies to their business and be equipped with a suite of ideas where these new technologies have been successfully used in tourism.

Gavin will cover these topics:

  • A Brief Description of what the new Extended Realities, with their positives and negatives 
  • Why you should NOT use the extended reality technologies
  • Focusing on the outcome – and matching the outcome to your individual resources – financial, time and management resources
    Woman using virtual reality headset

    Meet Gavin Crombie

    Gavin Crombie is the CEO and founder of Digital Frontier. We asked him to introduce himself.

    “This is not one of your staid and serious bios’ – if you are looking for creative people then you need creative ideas built into the bones of the company you are listening to.

    I’m a serial entrepreneur – that’s a few steps up from being a serial killer – and way, way more exciting. I’ve done all sorts of business over the years – been chased by dogs when doing door-to-door selling pots and pans, to serving Princes and Princesses, cutting deals with billionaires, and working with 200+ companies as a China Adviser.

    For the past 25 years, I’ve been running an amazing team of Digital whiz kids (that’s whizzes with a wheeeee) at Digital Frontier. Whether it is Virtual, Augmented, Mixed or downright Hard Reality – we are the team to talk to. VR/AR/MR – Extended Reality Technologies are the latest, and we would say, one of the greatest, contributions to pushing forward the never-ending march for businesses to interact with their client base.

    Let me tell you how it all began. 25 years ago, when I got into the creative digital media business, I sat with a very illustrious architect. After several glasses of cab-sav, he asked me if I could source “perspective drawings.” To my eternal shame, I asked, “What the heck are they?” To his credit, he smiled and said, “Something we pay a lot for back home.” Thus a (at one time) 31 office, 450 staff business was born: Digital Frontier.

    At Digital Frontier, we specialize in experiential marketing sectors; working with companies like Tesla, Disney, Princess Cruises, Audi and so many more. Our squad has oodles of ways to add value to your business and get your message out in a way that gets attention. Using VR, AR, MR 3D, Animation, Visualization, 3D Projection, and midnight dreaming, we make your ideas come to life and impress the socks off YOUR clients and customers. We’ve also worked on some of the most amazing property projects in the world with some of the top architects: Gensler, CallisonRKTL, Aedas, Atkins, Benoy, and HOK, to name a few.

    In addition to my role at Digital Frontier, China is a passion of mine. I eat, sleep, breathe, and live here. It’s sometimes a roller coaster, but I’m enjoying the ride. I’ve been advising companies on how to do business in China for 20 years. So far, I can count 200+ business leaders, 2 Prime Ministers, 8 Government Ministers, 1 Prince, and a collection of odds and sods as recipients of my unique brand of China advice.

    And finally, writing is a passion of mine — books, blogs, cheeky emails, inappropriate comments, uplifting aphorisms, and letters of apology. If you can’t already tell, I have an irrepressible sense of humour and an intense energy for life that sometimes pokes its head up when I’m trying to be staid and serious.”

    Gavin Crombie headshot

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