E-Tourism Champions Program

Tourism Tribe offers an intensive digital capability program to develop digital practitioners into e Tourism Champions and build sustainable expertise in regional tourism.

Tourism marketing organisations and local government must ensure their business community able to fully embrace the digital economy. The eTourism champion program has been designed to upskill tourism officers and destination marketing organisation’s teams so they have the skills and knowledge to support their local tourism businesses.

To ensure long term return on investment for regions that are investing in the digital capability of their industry, we have developed an 8-week mentoring program, to be delivered by DCI’s CIO and master coach, Fabienne Wintle.

Fabienne will mentor up to six identified champions in a region including regional tourism staff and tourism operators. This program has a longer-term engagement as compared to the workshops or mentoring programs that DCI delivers. In this way the champions will make a longer-term commitment to the program and have a comfortable time period in which to apply and test their learnings. It will also provide the forum for participants to grow together as a group and build a strong in-region network of experts for the future.

Online coaching and mentoring at one hour per week is provided over the program duration and includes a work program for each participant which incorporates the practical application of learnings through operator mentoring, sourcing of case studies and active participation and leadership in Tourism Tribe forums. Assessment of participant competencies will be an end point to the program.

Program Outcomes

Champions to become a ‘digital GP’ in their region and have the knowledge to be able to provide operators with quick advice and refer them onto digital specialists and learning resources e.g. TourismTribe.com and Government small business websites, for assistance on more advanced topics.


How the program could be promoted in the region

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Participant Requirements

The e-Tourism Champions program will upscale six enthusiastic people to become e Tourism Champions in their region. The topics will be: Digital productivity, Imagery and video, Website and mobile, SEO, Online Distribution, E-marketing, Social media, Analytics and China & India.

Would you like to be one of our eTourism Champions? We are looking for passionate tourism people who:

  • hold very strongly the values of knowledge sharing and improvement for the region as a whole
  • are good communicators
  • have work experience within a local tourism office/marketing organisation or tourism business
  • have a passion and high interest in tourism and web marketing
  • have a keen eye on how businesses can embrace digital platforms to better their business and improve the online footprint of their destination
  • hold a high degree of understanding of how travellers use social media and search
  • have a good knowledge of the main social media platform
  • have the ability to diagnose and resolve an issue and have a willingness to explore, investigate and self learn
  • are proactive and have the ability to give the right advice
  • Important:  you can be a junior or a senior, as long as you are enthusiastic and have the time to participate in the program!
  • you need to be willing to dedicate a minimum of 5h per week (2h contact time via the internet) over 8 weeks.

What you’ll achieve

  • Embark on an 8-week learning program where you will gain the skills and knowledge to become a ‘digital GP’ and have the confidence to digitally e-enable your local tourism operators and your region.
  • Receive one on one and group coaching (video conference) over those 8 weeks
  • Gain practical experience by becoming a highly valued member of the TourismTribe community and a forum moderator
  • Recognition in the industry as an e tourism champion
  • The total training program is valued at over $2,500 per person and encompasses a total of 45h of training (one on one, group and DIY)

More details about the training

  • Take a short assessment on the weekly topic to assess your existing knowledge
  • Further your knowledge by reading the training material (e.g. Tourism e kit tutorial available on TourismTribe.com)
  • Find one case study per week in your region (e.g. topic on website – you will find a non mobile friendly website in your region) and prepare an action plan for the issues to be resolved.
  • You can use the Tourism Tribe Champions’ forum to ask questions to help you prepare your action plan.
  • In the weekly training session, Fabienne will help you finalise your action plan and guide you in the right direction.

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