Digital Strategy for Tourism

The digital economy has had a significant impact on the tourism industry as accommodation, tour and hospitality operators have had to quickly adapt to digital marketing practices that ensure they are present when the digital traveller searches for holiday ideas and services in Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook or any other number of digital marketing channels.

Learn the tactics to bring visitors to your website

In the past 10 years operators have had to understand how digital marketing can benefit their tourism businesses, allocate the time and budget required to do digital marketing well and continually learn about the changing features of Google, online reputation management platforms, online booking systems, online travel agencies (for example the growth of and Airbnb) and social media channels.  Often simple solutions like Google My Business are overlooked by small operators because they just don’t know how Google has changed and how they can optimise it to get high value for their business.  Many tourism businesses don’t appreciate the importance of content in the digital economy and are unaware of the tactics to drive traffic to their website through search engine optimisation, blog posts and email marketing.

Measure first, then make decisions

A small tourism business doesn’t have to be working every social media channel or be listed in every online distribution channel, but they do need to prioritise their digital activities, have a digital marketing plan and be measuring what they’re doing.  If you don’t measure, you don’t know what’s working and you can’t make informed decisions about how to improve your online presence!

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