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There may be 1 or 10 depending on how valuable we think they are to your business.


How to get your customers to actually open your emails?

“Automated e-mails are an important part of your online marketing strategy, and they can help you increase engagement amongst your previous customers as well as your future visitors. Whether you are sending out automatic confirmation e-mails or follow-up e-mails requesting feedback after a tour, you will want to create e-mails that are both inviting and interesting. As you are looking at your metrics, you may find that a number of people on your e-mail list are deleting the messages without ever opening them. This is a relatively common issue in the travel industry, but it’s definitely a problem that you will want to solve. Here’s how you can get your customers to open emails every time you send one”

This article by Simon Lenoir from Rezdy has some practical tips, click here to read.

What is the value of a website?

Your Website should be considered as an asset to your business and included in it’s value, this is a great article from AccomNews,  well worth a read click here

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Wendy SmithWendy is the Head of Customer Service at the Tourism Tribe. With 30 years experience in the Tourism industry and a former small business owner herself, she brings a wealth of practical experience to the Tourism Tribe.


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