Understanding how to your tourism business is no easy task​

Should you focus on Facebook marketing, your website, Instagram, email marketing? in what order?

How do you make sense of all the information available online and decide what’s best for you?

Liz (that’s her on the left) and I have been training thousands of bed and breakfast, hoteliers, tour operators, hire business, tourism marketing managers  for the last 15 years.

We’ve run hundreds of workshops all over Australia and the Pacific and met the most amazing business owners.

We’ve gained so much knowledge, insights and case studies that we decided to package it all in an online environment to make it available to everyone, independently of their location.


We’ve noticed that the number one thing that stops tourism businesses being successful is knowing how to integrate all their marketing activities into a lucrative digital marketing system. 

This is why we’ve designed our FREE Smart Tourism Marketing short course so that you stop stabbing in the dark and get the right tools in the right order to make sure your marketing efforts put as many qualified many bums in bed (or on seats) as possible.

(and yes we’re sharing it for free because our vision is to enable everyone to make a living of tourism, making our industry stronger, better and attractive as a wonderful career). 

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"I can’t speak highly enough of Liz and Fabie and the extraordinarily generous product they have created for us. They truly are ‘Givers’."

Sue, Wombat Bend B&B

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