Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tourism Tribe?

Tourism Tribe is a space where those in the business of Tourism learn how to get a greater share of customers. We connect you with online learning resources, tourism experts and a community of like-minded businesses.

Anyone working in Tourism from anywhere around the world can join Tourism Tribe.

Tourism Tribe is a membership site where members can access training material to learn how to improve their web marketing. Most importantly, members can access our support forum manned by experts and get their questions answered.

Is there a free option?

Tourism Tribe has been developed on a community basis with the co-founders volunteering their time and resources to its set up and maintenance and coaches are also volunteering their time to moderate the forums and run online training sessions.  All participants are asked to pay a contribution so we can keep the platform and content current and useful.

Doesn't my web person look after that?

Your web developer looks after the development and look and feel of your website - that's their specialty. Tourism Tribe goes well beyond that and focuses on enabling you and your staff to take your business to the next digital level.

Who will be answering my questions?

Tourism Tribe is a worldwide community of tourism professionals - this includes coaches, digital experts, marketing experts, business development professionals and operators just like you. Our forums are manned by our tourism experts who respond to your questions 5 days a week. You'll also benefit from the responses of operators just like you!

Can I still access the Tourism e kit?

Most certainly! Once you are an active Tribe Member you will be able to view the updated Tourism e kit tutorials AND ask questions on the live chat and forum.

Can I sign up as a company?

As this is a coaching platform, the membership is 'per staff member'. If you have a company that requires more than five memberships please contact us so we can work out the best plan for your team.

How quickly can I get an answer?

The forum and live chat hotline are staffed every weekday. You can expect an answer within three to five hours. If you require an immediate answer you can schedule an immediate call.

I have a logon and password from the ATDW  Tourism e kit and it doesn't work, what  should I do?

You'll need to create a brand new logon when you register at Tourism Tribe. You can register here.

The Tourism e kit was free, why do I need to pay a fee now fee?

The Tourism Tribe offers so much more than just the e kit tutorials. Our premium service includes a live chat, support forums and access to digital specialists. In the long run, we think you'll save time, effort and money all for the price of a coffee and cake per month.

Can I get information on other things, such as marketing plans etc?

We at the "Tribe" are digital marketing specialists, but we do pride ourselves in giving excellent customer service, so if we can help we will.

We may not know the answer, but we might know who does!

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