What is Tourism Tribe?

Tourism Tribe was created by Tourism Wonder Women Liz Ward and Fabienne Wintle to give small and medium tourism businesses access to the tools and knowledge they need to have to remain competitive marketing themselves online, without having to go and attend costly courses that are traditionally only available in city centres.

How do I access the training?

All our live courses, lessons, group coaching calls, support forum are delivered directly on TourismTribe.com. To access the training, businesses have the option to choose from 3 different plans based on their needs.
Courses are also available to be purchased individually from our training calendar.

Your prices are really competitive, how come?

We leverage high tech to be high touch. We’re a small business ourselves, run remotely from the 4 different corners of Australia and have to constantly remain on top of our game.
We use state of the art content management systems and automation which enables us to minimise administration cost and focus on the essentials: providing tourism businesses with the help they need.

I joined Tourism Tribe at its beginning. As a person with enthusiasm and a strong desire to improve my understanding of my niche in the tourism industry, I felt that here was an opportunity to grasp with both hands.

I have found working with Liz and Fabie, even though we have not met ‘in person’, is akin to having a personal mentor beside me at every turn. The Tourism Tribe program has become a must for me to engage with, and the more specific and detailed programs on offer from these inspiring women and their industry contacts, the more I feel I am being guided and empowered to identify my place in our industry.

I also know I can ask questions in the Tourism Tribe support forum and not be ignored. I know that others are in the same learning boat, and that gives me additional confidence that I am far from alone. It can be isolating when one is not part of a busy office structure where lots of people have the answers to a problem; to know I can log on to Tourism Tribe and ask for help ~ and get it in a timely way ~ is simply amazing.

And all for a very small annual investment of a few dollars. I can’t speak highly enough of Liz and Fabie and the extraordinarily generous product they have created for us. They truly are ‘Givers’.

Each of them freely offers insights from their own unique experiences and perspectives of working in this industry.

 Sue Forrester from Wombat Bend, Templestowe Lower, Victoria

Do you offer a free trial?

No, we don’t offer a free trial but our cheapest plan is $44 per month, cancel any time. For $44 you get access to 2 small group coaching calls with our founder, all our course library and our monthly live courses. The 2 group calls alone are worth over $440.

Can I cancel at any time?

We don’t lock people in and don’t make it hard to cancel. Your membership dashboard will allow you to cancel at any time.
Don’t worry, we’re so positive you’ll love the Tribe that, just like Sue from Wombat Bend, you’ll think its the best $44 bucks you’ve ever spent!

I don’t have time to read all your stuff, I am so busy

Trust us, the Tribe will save you time! Are you constantly resetting your password because you don’t have a plan in place to manage them securely? In the first week if you follow our advice you’ll free up at least 30 min per week
All our content and courses go straight to the jugular. Plus, you can get all your questions answered, either in our live training or via our support forum.

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